Sofa Snuggles & Bank Holiday Blues

It’s getting towards the end of August, we have just one week remaining before the children go back to school and already it feels like autumn has arrived. Like a thief in the night, summer has suddenly slipped away leaving us looking back upon what was and looking forward to what may be.

I feel as if I’ve spent almost the entire holiday unable to completely kick back and relax as I’ve been both focused and distracted by the challenges which this particular week will present. Fingers and toes crossed that we are given good news and that I can finally clear my head of medical matters.…

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Planning The Perfect Family Get Together

Summer is a wonderful time to get your friends and family together. Even if you’re not celebrating anything in particular, it’s great to have everyone in the same room – especially if you don’t see each other very often. Big annual family parties are now a tradition for many people, so why not join them and share in the fun?

Planning the perfect family get-together can be a lot of fun, and no matter what your budget, there are some useful tips to help you get your party in place. Want to plan the perfect family get together? Take a look at these top tips and ideas.…

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Chugging Through The Chores As School Is Out For The Summer

School is officially out for the summer, well to be precise we finished on Tuesday afternoon but it’s taken me until now to find the time and motivation to sit with my Macbook or to do anything other than doss on the decking or plod around the park with the kids.

I haven’t spent the entire week lazing on my lounger as earlier this week I managed to get a few things done around the house including gutting the garage, collecting together books, games and clothes for charity bags, sorting through two years worth of children’s art work, rearranging the house and contents insurance, booking a range of overdue appointments and listing a shed load of shoes on eBay.…

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#MySundayPhoto – A Holiday At Home

Once upon a time I would spend time each week collecting scenic shots specially for My Sunday Photo posts, these days I haven’t the time nor currently the energy to do so. Given that we’ve spent the bulk of our weekend lazing on the lawn, I decided it was more apt to post a paddling pool picture taken earlier today.

The temperatures are soaring at almost thirty degrees and being a redhead I don’t fare well in the heat, neither do our kids or the dogs for that matter. We are all utterly exhausted by the heat but despite feeling drained, we’ve tried our hardest to make the most of the sunshine.…

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#MySundayPhoto – A Summer Evening

The weather seems to have made a massive turn around in the past week or so, the sun seems to be making a more regular appearance and oh my do I feel better for the lighter nights, vitamin d increase and the warmth.

I’m not a winter girl, I may enjoy Christmas but once that has been and gone I spend the next few months suffering from SAD. Winter seems to have stretched on forever this year and t’s as if Spring peeped its head around the door then bolted for cover.

I love the month of May, not only was it the month in which our beautiful boy J was born but it’s seems to be the UK’s official start to summer.…

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