Losing Time & Springing Forward

Losing Time & Springing Forward
Just a quick reminder for you all, the clocks ‘Spring forward’ an hour tonight (well technically tomorrow morning at 1am precisely but you know what I mean). This means two things … Firstly, lighter nights or in other words, having to convince your kids that it is¬†time to go to bed despite it still being light outside. Secondly, we will get one less hour in bed as time magically skips forward an hour. Whilst I love the idea of summer nights, realistically it means that bedtime will seem like hell on earth for a week or so whilst our little lovelies adjust.

I love summer evenings and sitting in the garden until late getting high on the fumes of freshly cut grass, but I hate change! Especially change which means we are subjected to losing time, its bad enough trying to fit everything into 24 hours never mind 23! My car obviously shares my dislike to changing the clocks and point refuses to her clock being tampered with, leaving us second guessing the time for six months of the year. Always fun when you’re in a rush and cannot work out whether your early or more than likely, late.

It’s Easter Sunday tomorrow and according to all the sunny, yellow cards propped in my windowsill, the sun should be shining and little, fluffy bunnies should be bouncing around with glee. Instead it’s like blumming winter outside, the wind is howling and the rain is battering against the window. I very much doubt Paul will be making an outdoor Easter egg hunt tomorrow, he’s more likely to be rubbing his hands together to keep warm in front of his parents log burner whilst entertaining the kids with yet more indoor activities, Joy!

On that note, I am going to hop because it’s Easter and all¬†into a hot bath, then snuggle up in my fluffy bunny jim jams, it’s blinking Baltic out there!


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