Spring Has Sprung And The Sun Has Returned.

Spring has sprung and the sun has returned
I am actually quite overjoyed, the sun was back from its winter vacation today, God knows where it went to, probably the same place that all our lost parts from toys end up. Whatever, I’m so glad to see its back even if it was only for an hour before it clouded over. That hour meant that E had a chance to bounce out some of her Duracell bunny like energy before nap time, which in turn meant that nap time happened and I got time to have a brew and finish some bits and pieces around the house.
I am going to be pretty damned busy in the next few weeks however, as I took a delivery today for over two years worth of kids photographs, the post lady did look at me like some sort of drug dealer when she had to go back and forth to her van several times in order to carry said order. She may have had reason for concern as there are over three thousand pictures, which will now need dating, ordering and placing into albums (I don’t have OCD at all…). For now, they can stay in a rather large storage box which has somehow found a home upon the top of my baby grand piano. Amazing isn’t it, how we find homes for things that we want to put on the back-burner just so that we can get them out of our sight. As they say “out of sight, out of mind” and all that… I wish my mind worked like that. It doesn’t matter if I can see it or not, I know it’s there and it needs doing. Damn


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