#MySundayPhoto – I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Following a busy day behind the bar I jumped into the car and began my journey home. Whilst driving through the valley I couldn’t help but to notice the beauty which surrounded me.

The sun was gently glowing from behind the hedgerows casting a golden light upon the shimmering spring shower puddles, the flowers were in full bloom and the birds were twittering in the trees.

Spring has finally sprung and the countryside looks fresh following its long winters sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter months as I do the warm summer sunshine but there’s nothing quite like those mid-seasons. Spring and even more so, Autumn for bringing beauty and endless colour to the landscape in which we live.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Days In The Dunes

Whilst I was out busy working behind the bar this afternoon my husband took the kidlets down the beach for some much-needed fresh air.

He may have smashed his beloved phone screen but he somehow managed to snap this beauty, a sunshine shot of the kids having climbed the dunes with the dog in tow. It was a pretty windy walk, poor J looks as if he can barely keep his eyes open!

Fun In The Dunes

I love coming home from work to be shown photos from of my family from the day. It reassures me that whilst I, the feline of the species may be away the mice certainly continue to play.…

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#LittleLoves – Spring Showers, Science And Singing

Welcome to this weeks #LittleLoves, I for one am certainly glad that it’s the weekend although whilst most people tend to kick back and relax for two days I seem to do the complete opposite. Still, I enjoy having Paul home and being able to spend some time as a family together before the next week dawns upon us.

I don’t feel that my offerings for this weeks #LittleLoves post are hugely inspiring but here goes…


Sadly this week I haven’t really read an awful lot, I am still trying to complete a few books which I currently have on the go.…

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Losing Time & Springing Forward

Just a quick reminder for you all, the clocks ‘Spring forward’ an hour tonight (well technically tomorrow morning at 1am precisely but you know what I mean). This means two things … Firstly, lighter nights or in other words, having to convince your kids that it is time to go to bed despite it still being light outside. Secondly, we will get one less hour in bed as time magically skips forward an hour. Whilst I love the idea of summer nights, realistically it means that bedtime will seem like hell on earth for a week or so whilst our little lovelies adjust.…

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Spring Has Sprung And The Sun Has Returned.

I am actually quite overjoyed, the sun was back from its winter vacation today, God knows where it went to, probably the same place that all our lost parts from toys end up. Whatever, I’m so glad to see its back even if it was only for an hour before it clouded over. That hour meant that E had a chance to bounce out some of her Duracell bunny like energy before nap time, which in turn meant that nap time happened and I got time to have a brew and finish some bits and pieces around the house. I am going to be pretty damned busy in the next few weeks however, as I took a delivery today for over two years worth of kids photographs, the post lady did look at me like some sort of drug dealer when she had to go back and forth to her van several times in order to carry said order.…

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