#MySundaySnapshot – Spring Is In Bloom 14/52 (2019)

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We are officially half way through the half term and the sunshine has finally shown its face. With a little luck the weather will stay on side and we might just make the best of our break. At last, spring is in bloom; the hedgerows are thick with flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass hangs in the air and the idea of having a BBQ and some drinks on the decking doesn’t seem too far out.…

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#LivingArrows – Swinging Into Spring 4/52 (2019)

I’m sick to the back teeth of being cooped up indoors, yet I cannot seem to cope with the cold. Thankfully the sun was shining this afternoon and whilst it was, we made the most of it, by getting out into the garden for some fun on the swings.

Swinging Into Spring

It was so lovely to watch the kids run about, screeching and screaming as they hopped from the swings to the slide, huge smiles plastered across their faces. It’s amazing how much difference just getting outside and escaping from the ‘four wall fortress’ can make to your day, your mind suddenly feels a little lighter and the weight from your shoulders seems to lift for a moment.…

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Returning To The Routine

The holidays are about to come to an end and although we’ve had a fortnight off from school and work, it feels like far longer. The kids and I are now more than ready to return into some kind of routine and I’m quite looking forward to starting a new term.

I’m well aware that we are still in the midst of winter and  its flipping freezing for a further two months, but the title ‘spring term’ seems to offer a little light at the end of the tunnel. Christmas has been and gone, the decorations are now down and I’m therefore done with the dark nights and the winter weather!…

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#MySundayPhoto – Blue Skies, Bluebells & Butterflies

I would have written this post earlier only my little lady took a sudden turn for the worst by throwing her stomach contents down the porcelain telephone, moments later we registered her temperature as scorchio and as a result our bed is now being occupied by our beloved daughter as she convalesces.

Here’s hoping that come morning the temperature has waned and that our little lady has turned a corner. I’m not planning on sending E to School as I don’t wish for her class friends to catch whatever bugs she may be harbouring but neither do I really want to have to wait around in the doctor’s surgery first thing tomorrow morning.…

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