Starting Your Own Cheer Squad

So, you’ve just got to university, and you want to make some new friends. Unfortunately, the teams seem to be geared mostly toward the boys in the uni, and you want to do something unique. Starting a cheerleading squad may not have been on your initial list of things to do when you get to uni, but now you’ve learned some of the rewards you can reap when you choose to be a part of a team. Cheerleading is a team sport, which means that you need to get some tryouts going to audition girls and guys for the team.

Teammates in cheerleading become your second family with the amount of time you spend together. As members of a squad, you’re going to make memories together, celebrating both the defeats and victories that come with a team sport. You’ll be able to get Custom Design Cheerleading Uniforms to match and unite together. Cheerleaders are sisters who travel to competitions, sweat together and often squabble – but what family doesn’t? You want your squad to be the best of the best, but where do you start? Some of the questions that you need to answer for your team are below:

Starting Your Own Cheer Squad

  1. Your squad needs a name. If your university sports team has one, base it on that!
  2. Again, base these on the uniform of your university sports teams that you support, but your cheerleading squad needs specific colours to wear to stand out.
  3. Your university is bound to have more than one sports team, so you’re going to need to decide who to cheer for.
  4. Your practice space is going to matter, so consider where you can get together to practice your team moves.
  5. It takes money to finance a cheerleading squad. It would help if you thought about who your sponsors will be and create ways to raise that money.
  6. Every cheer squad needs a leader, co-captains and a treasurer. They also need a secretary to keep the team organised.
  7. Promotion is essential for recruiting members. Have an expert coach with you to be able to assess each cheerleader and advertise throughout the university for tryouts.
  8. Every piece of paperwork needs to be copied and passed out to all parents and cheerleaders so that they know they are insured and able to train and compete.
  9. You will need to think about medical release forms as well as other paperwork.
  10. As the team organiser, you need to have a notebook with all of your paperwork and contact details listed, and you’ll need a scrapbook filled with your cheers and stunts.
  11. You need to keep all uniform order paperwork and a calendar of events to one side so that you know when you are next competing. Share the responsibilities of your squad and don’t keep all of this on your shoulders.
  12. When it comes to fundraising, you need help, and you should ask your team for it!

There is so much more to cheering than people think and you can make sure your new team is successful when you follow the plan!

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