Footballs Coming Home

Whilst my Father has always been a keen football fan, I’ve never been all that fussed by a load of men chasing a ball around a field. To stay on the safe sideĀ and to maintain a roof over my head whilst growing up I would either sit quietly or make myself scarce whilst a match was on and when asked “Who do you support?” I would always be quick to answer with “Man-U”.

I may not be a football fanatic but with having children of my own and with it being the World Cup, I’ve joined the masses and have found myself becoming quite passionate about our team. I’ve cheered the boys along as they’ve run around the pitch and I’ve even started to take quite a keen interest in future games.

Our kids are really getting into the spirit too, making their own flags, singing along to the chants and happily joining us as we’ve sat on the edge of our seats watching the past few matches. E quite literally brought football home earlier this week, as whilst at school she won a ‘design your own football’ competition!

Footballs Coming Home

As I said above, I’ve never been all that bothered by football but all that seems to have changed over the past few weeks. I’m now super proud of our players and have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that football truly is ‘coming home’.

Footballs Coming Home


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