Must We Always Buy New?

Don’t get me wrong, I like my children to have ‘nice’ things but that doesn’t always mean those things must always be ‘new’. It really irks me that we seem to be such a throw-away society these days, thus why I will happily look for second-hand deals both on and offline for my children.

This week for example I have managed to acquire a bundle of school tights and socks for E, a Next ‘Bunny themed’ school coat and a pair of trainers for the kids. So long as it’s in good condition, a quick wash and tumble dry should revitalise any second-hand clothing.

Must We Always Buy New?

It’s not only clothes that I buy second-hand but I also pick up quite a lot of toys, games and other gubbins not just for the kids but for us also. Last month for example I managed to acquire a rather swish set of decks which had I bought new I would have paid at least £500 for but thanks to online auction sites I managed to pickup for only £300 saving myself at least £200!

I not only buy second-hand goods but I often sell second-hand items too, either that or bag them up for charity. I hate to see things going to waste and its very rare that I’ll ever put anything in the bin unless it’s absolutely knackered and of no use.

From time to time I will have a ‘spring clean’ around the house getting rid off things we no longer need, those things are never thrown away they are always handed down to others or sold to make a few extra pennies.

Being an Ebay Queen I have saved countless amounts of money throughout the years and continue to do so thanks to using not only Ebay but Amazon Marketplace, sales sites, Facebook local selling pages and such-like.

I personally have no problem with second-hand purchases, never have and never will, there’s nothing better than bagging a bargain!



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