Don’t Disconnect From The Health Risks Of Online Shopping

The last year has seen us changing the way that we do just about everything. Suddenly, our work and learning are all taking place remotely, and they’re not the only things. Online shopping has also shot into the mainstream.

On the surface, this online shift can seem like a positive for safety, and it’s certainly preferable to a trip outside right now. But, to say that online options are without risk wouldn’t be altogether true. Admittedly, it’s not known whether packages transmit coronavirus, but the world health organisation thinks there’s a strong chance they could. This is a risk that was only highlighted late last year after a breakout in a warehouse near Seoul.

While risks are low, then, it may be worth thinking twice before you click ‘buy now’. After all, it would be terrible to invite such a violent illness right into your home. Luckily, you don’t need to stop buying altogether to reduce those risks. Rather, you need to think about what you’re buying in the following ways.

Don't Disconnect From The Health Risks Of Online Shopping

Is the company local?

Regulations and safety standards vary vastly around the world right now. This and the fact that a longer distance leaves more chance of contamination means shopping local is definitely preferable. Do note, however, that shipment doesn’t necessarily come from where a company is based. With many businesses outsourcing delivery, make sure that you research a little further. Even overseas businesses may seek local drivers from a load board like Shiply, which is guaranteed to offer safer options for your needs. Equally, businesses that make and send items in and around your area leave a lot less of a transmission window.

Stay contactless

While parcel transmission remains an unknown, we’re all aware of the risks that close contact poses. Yet, not all businesses offer contactless delivery as standard. And, once you’ve opened the door to someone handing you a parcel directly, the risk has been taken. The good news is that this is incredibly rare at the moment, but it happens. As such, always check whether a company offers contactless options. If you can’t see anything, leave a note with your order requesting this just to be on the safe side.

Better safe than sorry

The uncertainty surrounding this pandemic is, by far, the scariest thing. Advice chops and changes as knowledge of the disease expands, and that means there’s no room for risks right now. As such, it’s always worth being safe and disposing of packaging/washing your hands within moments of touching any outside deliveries. You should certainly make sure to do this before touching your face or any other surfaces in your home. With this step, you eliminate any potential disease in its tracks, ensuring online shopping is truly safe at last.

These are scary times, and it seems like we’re having to consider risks from all angles. By taking these steps, you ensure that you can ‘buy now’ until your heart’s content, and never put yourself or your family at risk as a result!

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