The Boy Is Back

Having spent the past twenty four hours feeling worried sick I can finally rest as the boy is back from his residential trip!

It felt so bizarre to skip the school run yesterday, I then spent the majority of my shift behind the bar wracking with nerves and checking my phone every other minute just incase anyone should have called regarding the trip. Worse still I arrived home to find an empty bed which left me feeling emotionally fraught and in much need of alcohol to settle myself.

I eventually hopped into bed hoping that J would also be snuggled down all warm and cosy in his new sleeping bag kicking out the Zzzz’s. I somehow found sleep sometime after midnight but I cant say that it was the most restful night I’ve ever had.

I felt far better this morning knowing that I would could collect my son come three o’clock and true to form I did just that, arriving as the bus pulled in ready to collect my son and his luggage. After loading the car up with lunch boxes, suitcases, sleeping bags, wash bags and such like I cranked up the tunes and headed home feeling somewhat relieved to have my boy back.

The Boy Is Back

After emptying his cases, loading the washer, washing lunch boxes and getting things into order I ran J a deep, hot bubbly bath where I got him clean while he relaxed into the water. We chatted about his trip as I washed his hair then I wrapped him in a warm, fluffy towel and got him into fresh clothes.

Having  been sprayed with some CK Shock aftershave and having had his hair blow dried I took J down to the sofa where he sat resting as I conjured up a chocolate milk shake and some fresh cookies. We chatted some more about his trip while I tidied around, it certainly sounds as if he’s had the time of his life.

All that worry, all that stress and I needn’t have batted an eyelid as my son coped incredibly well considering his young age and enjoyed every moment of the trip.




  1. May 5, 2017 / 5:59 pm

    I remember that feeling only to well, the worse for me was at bedtime when I went to tuck in my younger son and his brother’s bed was empty

    • May 5, 2017 / 6:17 pm

      It’s heart wrenching isn’t it

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