A Perfect Performance From Our Double Act At The School Christmas Show

The kids have less than a week to go before they break up from School for the Christmas holidays, this week seems to have been jam-packed with yuletide activities for both of our little ones including rehearsals and three days worth of Christmas performances two of which I have had the pleasure of watching.

Sadly we were asked not to take photos during this years Christmas performances due to privacy and safeguarding issues. However, I managed to craftily capture a couple of shots featuring just my children prior to the performance as they made their into way to the hall. Whether I should be sharing these or not I’m not entirely sure but as they feature no other faces of bodies I see no reason why it should be a problem.

With it being E’s first year at School it was also the first ‘Christmas performance’ that I attended which included both of my beauties, each of them looking equally amazing but unlike all the other classes who wore t-shirts and hand-made, animal themed headdresses (J’s being a dog headband with floppy ears and multicoloured spots) the reception class were given specific costumes which quite frankly melted my heart.

A Perfect Performance From Our Double Act At The School Christmas Show

Having enjoyed watching the children dance and sing along to rock, pop, dance and upbeat Music  the tone swiftly changed to a rather soft and sweet xylophone instrumental as the reception class made their way into the hall. E quietly and carefully made her way to the stage wearing an incredibly cute, brown, fluffy camel outfit. Holding her tail carefully in her hand to avoid tripping whilst climbing the rather chunky stage steps, E caught our eye before blowing us a kiss and then making her debut act.

A Perfect Performance From Our Double Act At The School Christmas Show

How exactly I held it together I’ll never know, especially so during yesterday’s performance when E looked utterly heartbroken that she was unable to locate my Mother and I within the audience. No matter how hard I frantically waved my arms to catch her attention my efforts were wasted and only after she’d delivered her lines and sung along to her class song did she finally spot us.

Today however both J & E knew exactly where their Daddy and I were sitting, we’d made damn sure to get there extra early to queue for a stage side seat to ensure a good view and to give both J & E our support throughout their performance.

Today’s performance seemed far better than yesterday, not only were we able to see our children clearly but the whole atmosphere seemed far more upbeat. I would hazard a guess that having performed once already the children were a little less nervous.

I’m not sure what it is about Nativity plays but they seem to tip me over the emotional edge, whether it’s the songs, the atmosphere or perhaps my haywire hormones I’ve never yet made it through a full performance without shedding a tear or two. Thankfully I managed to hold back the waterworks throughout todays performance which was lucky given that I was all out of tissues in my handbag following yesterdays emotional afternoon.

A Perfect Performance From Our Double Act At The School Christmas Show

I couldn’t have been more proud of my kids today, both J & E gave it their all, they each delivered their lines clearly, confidently and on cue, they sang their little hearts out and got their groove on throughout the songs giving the show some serious energy and enthusiasm.

Although I’ve seen the show twice already I’m a little broken-hearted that I wont be there tomorrow for the final performance. I am sure however that their Nana will enjoy watching every minute of the show and that the kids will perform just as well if not better than they have already done over the past two days.

Come Friday when the curtain closes the kids can finally relax and enjoy their final few days at School, participating in parties, games and festive fun before the Christmas holidays commence. I’ve already made a start on planning some home based activities to keep our little ones occupied in the countdown to Christmas, I’m not sure whose more excited that the kids will be at home, them or I! Either way it isn’t long now before we can throw the regular routine out of the window and enjoy some much-needed festive family time.



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