Paparazzi Mother On Sports Day

Sports Day isn’t an event I particularly enjoyed as a kid, I may have been a demon in a potato sack but otherwise I was next to useless on the sports field. It is for that reason that each and every year I have made damned sure that I’ve been present, loud and proud at my sons sports day.

Like every year I packed the picnic blanket, the drinks, the snacks, the sun tan lotion, an umbrella and some jackets should the weather have misbehaved. This year however I also carried my rather large and luxurious Canon on which I decided to snap the sports day shots rather than using my trusty IPhone.

Paparazzi Mother On Sports Day

Unlike previous years E was finally old enough to tag along and to keep me company. We sat together with the crowds cheering the children along whilst I multitasked between handing out endless snacks and chatting with friends.

Not only did E do an excellent job of cheerleading her brother up the field but she also joined in with the preschool race which tipped me ever so slightly over the emotional edge, thank god for oversized sunglasses!

Paparazzi Mother On Sports Day

I somehow managed to take snaps of the races my children took part in with the Canon whilst simultaneously shooting video footage from my IPhone. I may have looked like a Mother gone mad, I could have easily been mistaken for a member of the paparazzi knelt on the field technology hanging from my every limb as I cheered like a Mother possessed.

Watching my kids take active part in sport and give it their all no matter whether they come first, second, third or last for that matter fills my heart with pride and joy and that is exactly what my kids are, my pride and joy.




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