How College Learning Is Evolving

College is evolving. Of course, as with everything, universities have been growing and adapting for years. It’s not always the case that institutions find their feet and stay there (even the older ones). Instead, classes are developing and the way in which they are taught is changing too. Let’s take a look at some of the ways college learning is evolving, particularly in relation to the law classroom.

Experience Matters

To start with, colleges are now combining education with experience. And this is incredibly beneficial to students as they get to work on real-life cases and get the practical experience they would usually only get when working an internship after they’ve graduated.

Market-Based Curriculum

The job market is changing. And so, it’s important that curriculum changes to meet that. This means that classes are now accommodating the new for professionalism and professional skills classes that will help students when they are searching for internships and jobs.

Online Courses

Another way in which some of the classes are changing is down to online portals. While no classes are available entirely online, there are programs that are accessible in this way. 15 credit hours can be done online, just as long as 28 credit hours have been completed first.

For more information on how the law school classroom is changing, just take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By USC

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