Hopes For High School

September has certainly been the month for school, school and yet more school. The kids have made a fantastic start in their new classes with their new teachers, they both seem incredibly settled and happy which makes life far easier for me. Our evenings however have been far from laid back as I’ve spent the majority of the past four weeks ferrying E & J to and from various clubs and social gatherings, we have also spent time at a couple of open evenings to consider J’s future secondary school.

Living in a rural area leaves us with fewer options when it comes to choices for secondary schools. However, J and I ventured to the Lake District for a closer look at the secondary school which I attended back in the day and low and behold J seems pretty keen to follow in my footsteps.

Hopes For High School

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t the reaction I was expecting as my husband works in a secondary school which is practically on our doorstep. I would have thought that J would have wanted to have a short trip to school where he could join his friends and have his Dad’s support . I was therefore rather surprised to hear J’s request to apply for a smaller school which is a lengthy bus journey away from where we live.

Hopes For High School

I must admit, watching J walking around what was once my school gave me a certain sense of pride. He seemed so content, so happy and so excited by the surroundings and as children learn best when happy and having fun, I’m almost sure that the decision has been made.

Hopes For High School

It felt rather odd walking around ‘my old school’, it was almost exactly as it was back then. There had been a few changes but it still smelt the same, felt the same and according to J, he feels that is ‘the place for him’.

I can barely believe that come this time next year we will be filling application forms. It feels like yesterday that I was sat awaiting confirmation from his primary school regarding his placement. As if six years have passed by since our little man started school!

At the end of the day it’s up to J where he choses to go to school, I don’t wish to influence his decision but I have a feeling that his mind is already made up.




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