E’s First Day At School

With E starting School in September we were recently sent a letter inviting her along to two taster days prior to the end of term the first of which took place on Tuesday.

E's First Day At School

Following a busy morning at Nursery I brought E home, made her dinner and got her ready for her first afternoon at big school. Other than arriving for 1.30pm I wasn’t entirely sure what was expected of us but wasn’t surprised that E immediately let go of my hand having just walked into her new classroom and began mixing with the current reception class without so much as a glance in my direction.

I asked whether they wished for me to remain with E or whether I should make myself scarce, I was advised to go home and to have a cup of tea (not that I technically drink tea but still the sentiment was there). I gave E a quick kiss goodbye which she barely even registered then headed out towards the car.

I wasn’t really sure how to feel at this point given that the majority of the other parents visiting with their children were still stood desperately trying to encourage their little ones to let go of their legs and to have a look around.

It was only once I actually got to the car that I felt myself well up slightly, second time around it felt different somehow. I clearly remember taking J for his first taster session and leaving in floods of tears, I was a mess and spent the afternoon desperate to return to his side.

Four years down the line and second time around it’s a little less emotionally traumatic, I returned home popped the kettle on and created a few playlists on the PC whilst happy in the knowledge that E would be totally fine without me by her side.

Two hours later I returned to collect E, she had apparently enjoyed every moment including a ‘Frozen yoga session’ and rather unexpectedly she burst into tears just before we left as she didn’t wish to go. I was fairly sure by this point E was over tired having spent almost a full day out of the house playing hard, either way I collected both the kids and took them home where they happily snuggled together whilst eating a snack and watching Peter Pan from the comfort my bed.

E is an independent lady, she’s bright, bolshy and brave and really didn’t need her Mummy holding her hand or cramping ‘her style’ on her first day. I somehow managed to keep it together whilst I may gush with emotion from time to time as the milestones pass us by I felt slightly stronger second time around.



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  1. June 8, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    I remember this well my youngest was also very independent and couldn’t wait for me to leave when I took him to school on his first day, he had 3 older brothers which I think helped as he hated being the youngest

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