Back To School & Autumns Arrival

Whilst I returned back to routine on Monday, the kids had a further two days off before starting back at school on Wednesday. They were more than ready to return, six weeks is a long time and boredom had begun to set in…

J is now in his last year of primary school, whilst E is in her last year of the infants, time sure flies by! This time next year J will be heading off to senior school and come Monday, the admissions system opens and it all becomes a little bit more real…

Although the early get-ups have been a bit of a shock to the system, we’ve just about got back into the swing of things. I just need to get a grip on our evening schedule, as the kids and I are exhausted by the time we arrive home.

Back To School & Autumns Arrival

Autumn has unofficially arrived; give it a few more weeks when the clocks turn back and the dark nights will be setting in. I do love this time of year, the leaves blowing from the trees, the beautiful colours and the crisp autumn weather, but I’m not so keen on the lack of light.

We are now enjoying our first weekend of the autumn term, we went out last night to celebrate my Mother-in-laws birthday, and I’ve spent this morning getting jobs around the house done and dusted. Although I’m not to the type to countdown (I am so the type to countdown!) I’ve already started making plans for half-term and beyond, we are certainly going to busy little bees!



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