A Super Sports Day

Earlier this week the children had their school sports day, this was a first for our daughter E as she in the reception class. As expected, E did us proud as she didn’t seem to care for the competition and jumped for joy upon arrival at the finish line despite not coming in first place.

I was half expecting a tantrum or tears at coming second, third or further down the line from first but E didn’t seem to care less and her enthusiasm and sheer pleasure in taking part was evident as she waved her arms at the finish line with a proud smile plastered across her face.

Meanwhile our super skipper and brilliant bouncer J worked himself hard too. He isn’t all that bothered by sport but give the boy a space hopper and he will knock your socks off, his skipping wasn’t half bad either!

Our kids aren’t entirely sporty nor super speedy when it comes to races yet they both seem to enjoy taking part and in my eyes it’s the ‘taking part’ which counts. I couldn’t have been a prouder parent watching them both giving it their best on the field.

Thankfully the weather held out and we were able to enjoy a breezy but brilliant day together which concluded with celebrations as both J & E’s team took first place in the overall result.



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