#SaturdaySmiles – Blades, BBQ’s & Bouncy Tunes

I am such a bad blogger these days as I have barely written anything this week whatsoever. Not only have I been mega busy but I’ve also been really ill with a chest infection thus I spent the majority of my evenings dosed up and dozing off the ‘man flu’ which I seemed to be suffering from.

Despite being rather sick, I somehow managed to make it through the week at work and am finally beginning to feel a little better. Thankfully it’s the weekend and I can finally relax, although given the amount of things which I have planned to plough through I doubt there will be much rest for the wicked.

So without further ado I will endeavour to share this weeks #SaturdaySmiles, please feel free to join me by adding your post via the linky!



I’ve been rather lacking in terms of time to watch television. I have however continued to binge watch the box sets and am now working my way through series four of ‘Orange Is The New Black’. We also managed to make time for the latest episode of Peter Kay’s ‘Car Share‘, an ad-lib one-off episode which was well worth the wait and well worth watching.

#SaturdaySmiles - Blades, BBQ's & Bouncy Tunes


I spent a few hours earlier in the week organising all of my photos, videos and Music into folders which make a little more sense than my Mac had in mind. As a result of fiddling with the file management I now have an up-to-date, well-ordered list of Music which I can make use of in my mixing, that and for general enjoyment. Having established a plethora of genre based playlists, I came across ‘Red 5’s – I Love You Stop!’, it’s an old favourite from ‘back in the day’ and having re-played this tune countless times over the past few days it certainly doesn’t seem to have aged.


Been To

With it being the bank holiday weekend last week, I decided to take some time out with friends. It’s been a while since I’ve sat at the right side of a bar but that’s precisely what I did last weekend and very much enjoyed. It was great to catch up with my friends and to enjoy a few drinks without having to work.

#SaturdaySmiles - Blades, BBQ's & Bouncy Tunes


Took Part In

My family and I were very kindly invited by our friends to their BBQ which we very much enjoyed. Although I spent the majority of my time worried sick that one of the children would either fall into the pond or slip off the edge of banking, I finally kicked back and relaxed with sausages, snacks and shots.

#SaturdaySmiles - Blades, BBQ's & Bouncy Tunes

Smiled At

E once again won ‘marvellous marble’ points yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her standing at the front of the hall not quite sure where to place herself. Our little lady sure is a sweetie and having spotted her Mummy sat with the staff she shot me a smile which almost made me melt -proud is quite simply an understatement!

#SaturdaySmiles - Blades, BBQ's & Bouncy Tunes

Special Moments

Paul and I took the kids rollerblading last night, the kids aren’t entirely sturdy on their skates and tend to stick to their skooters throughout the session. However, we finally bribed E into wearing her blades and whilst supporting our little lady as skated around the sports hall I watched her confidence and smile grow simultaneously. It’s those moments, those little things which make such a massive difference to my day.

#SaturdaySmiles - Blades, BBQ's & Bouncy Tunes

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed my first instalment of #SaturdaySmiles. If you fancy sharing some of your own #SaturdaySmiles  then why not join in? The more the merrier!

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