The #SaturdaySmiles Linky – Guidelines

Welcome to #SaturdaySmiles, my new linky which was partly inspired by Morgana’s #LittleLoves linky which I greatly enjoyed taking part in on a weekly basis for quite a few years. As this is no longer a weekly linky, I felt that I lacked a weekly post in which to reflect and to list some of my memories from the week gone by.

I have therefore designed my very own weekly linky, #SaturdaySmiles which I plan to post each and every Saturday starting from Saturday May 5th 2018 onwards. Should you fancy taking part then it’s really very simple-  just follow the format given below and be sure to add your post to the linky.

Following The #SaturdaySmiles Format

#SaturdaySmiles will follow the format set out below, should you have any further ideas/ suggestions for things to include within the linky then please be sure to get in touch!


This might be something that you’ve read, watched or seen throughout the week.

Listened To

Something that you have heard or listened to throughout the week.

Been To

Somewhere that you have been to or visited during the week.

Took Part In

Something that you did or took part in during the week.

Smiled At

Something which made you smile during the week

Special Moments

Any special or memorable moments from the week.

Rules/ Guidelines

The #SaturdaySmiles linky will be live from 10am every Saturday and will run up to midnight each Friday, this gives you plenty of time in which to link up your posts. As with all linkys there are a few rules which I have listed below:

Basically, you can add only one post to the linky each week. This post should follow the #SaturdaySmiles format and include the badge at the bottom of your post (see below).

After adding your post to the linky please be sure to comment upon the hosts post and at least two other linked posts. Please finish any comments made with #SaturdaySmiles as bloggers will then know how/ where you found their blog posts.

If you are on Twitter then let me know by tagging me into your post (you can find me at @RachelSwirl) Don’t forget to include the hashtag #SaturdaySmiles and I will be sure to share your post.

Adding The #SaturdaySmiles Badge To Your Post/s

Here is the badge and code for you to use within your #SaturdaySmiles posts.

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

See You Each Saturday!

I look forward to writing and to reading many #SaturdaySmiles posts in the near future.