Timeline – Perfect Play For Stimulating Study

I’ve never been very good at History, it certainly wasn’t my favourite subject at school. Saying that, now that I’m older and more worldly-wise, I wish I’d paid a little more attention back in the day as history is an important part of our heritage and something which we can learn from.

Being British I should therefore know my British History but I obviously spent my time during History lessons either doodling or dozing, as I know very little upon the subject and rely mainly upon the likes of Google when it comes to anything before my own birth date.

In order to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself, I’ve made more of an effort when it comes to the subject with my own children. This month we were sent the ‘British History Edition’ of a game called ‘Timeline‘ to rate and review as part of the Bloggers Board Game Club .

The Timeline Game – British History Edition

Designed and developed by Asmodee Games, Timeline is suitable for 2-8 players and is ideally suited for children aged eight years and over.

Timeline - Perfect Play For Stimulating Study

Once opened and unwrapped, the Timeline game is contained within a small tin, ideally sized for carrying whilst out and about making for the ideal travel game.

The Timeline (British History Edition) game includes one pack of double-sided cards and a set of instructions. Game play is rather simple, or at least it would be if I knew my history facts, however I digress…



To setup the game, a single card is selected and placed date side up to begin a Timeline. Players are then to select four cards which they must place upon the table date side down, showing only the facts stated for example: ‘The Battle of Hastings’. The remaining cards are then stacked into a drawer pile and placed at the centre of the table.

Timeline - Perfect Play For Stimulating Study During gameplay, each player takes it in turns to place their card in the correct position upon the timeline. If the player places the card incorrectly then the card should be placed back into the box (or the burn pile dependent upon how you wish to store used cards). They must then select a replacement card from the deck.

Players take it in turns to place their cards upon the timeline and the first player to get rid of all their cards wins.


Giving Gameplay A Go

Paul and I gave this game a go earlier on today and whilst I greatly enjoyed playing, I knew I stood no chance whatsoever of winning against my husband aka the history boffin. We played a few rounds of this game and despite losing four times over, I certainly learnt a thing or two!

Timeline - Perfect Play For Stimulating Study

Our eight year old son also showed an interest in this game and joined me upon the losing team to build future knowledge for further game play. As it turns out, my son seems to know far more about History than me – the interest in this subject obviously skipped a generation as both he and my Father are keen historians whereas I steer towards more creative subjects.

It’s never too late to learn though and learn is precisely what I did whilst playing this game. The Timeline game is a fabulous educational tool, the idea of wiping the smile from my husbands face certainly motivated me to get to grips with the subject that’s for sure! Competition is often a catalyst for learning – certainly with the likes of the Timeline game.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

There are a series of Timeline games available to purchase, each one focused upon a specific topic. Available from a wide range of high-street and online retailers including Amazon, the Timeline (British History Edition) game has a recommended retail price of £13.99.


Our Final Thoughts

We certainly enjoyed playing the Timeline Game, the nature of play is perfect to stimulate study whilst having fun with family and friends. For further information upon the Timeline Game series or related products visit www.asmodee.us/en/games/timeline

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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