Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck

Having recently read with and reviewed ‘The Empathic Oracle‘, I was very keen to get my hands on further work by Michelle Mortuzas. Printed by Red Feather/ Schiffer, The Shamanic Healing Oracle Card deck is a symbolic tool for intuition derived from the concept of Shamanism.

Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck


Shamanism has many interpretations throughout varying cultures. In the past and even the present, people would seek assistance from local Shamans if they sick or troubled, and as a result, these figures were often labelled as ‘witch doctors’ or misguided individuals who relied upon superstitious folklore lacking scientific proof.

These days, shamanism is seen as a tool to tap into energies which may assist with the struggles of daily life. In regards to The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards, this is a deck designed to connect with the energy of all living things and in order to carry this out, we must first recognise that everything is energy.

Michelle Mortuzas

Based in New England, Michelle Mortuzas has a masters in shamanic reiki and is a certified healer and medium, she is also a proud mother to two boys.

Michelle started painting in answer to the requests of her fellow shamanic students, this led to the drawings which have been used throughout The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards. Michelle’s beautiful artwork mirrors the human condition, exploring our spiritual and human existence within the bounds of natural imagery.


The Shamanic Healing Oracle Card deck arrives perfectly packaged in a sturdy, cardboard, magnetic-close box featuring gold hinge and pull-to-open ribbons. Enclosed within the box are a chunky, colour-printed guidebook and forty-four oracle cards.

Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck

The Guidebook

The 120-page, colour-printed guidebook includes an informative preface, information upon how to carry out readings for yourself and for others, ideas for oracle card layouts and spreads, a double-page guide upon each of the cards and their specific meanings, and a short conclusion. This is a really useful little guide and is super easy to flick through when referencing particular cards.

Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck

The Cards

The Shamanic Healing Oracle Card deck is of a standard tarot card size and has gold gilding, black bordering, and each card has a lovely purple backing featuring the image of a hand and gold titling. Each card includes a title and number, this makes it very simple to make use of the guidebook alongside the cards to aid readings.

Though the cards needed easing apart upon arrival, as they were slightly stuck together with the gilding, they are now super easy to shuffle and feel glossy and smooth to the touch.

Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck

Working With The Shamanic Healing Oracle

Whilst I understand that there are varying spreads that may be used with oracle cards, I personally tend to only use or two cards at a time to offer further information and clarification to a tarot reading. These cards have provided the perfect accompaniment to many tarot readings over the past week and I have really enjoyed working with them.

I love how Michelle has featured aspects of nature throughout this deck, I can also see references and links to the traditional tarot deck in cards such as ‘creativity’ which reminds me very much of the three of cups.

Michelle’s chalky, pastel-like imagery is vivid against the black borders and though the images may appear simplistic, they are very easy to read, to interpret, and to understand.

Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck

Here is a short video-walkthrough guide that I put together further outlining and explaining The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards.

Purchasing & Pricing Information

The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards are available to purchase directly from Schiffer (Red Feather) for $24.99 or alternatively, within the UK can be purchased online via Gazelle Book Services or Amazon at the recommended retail price of £23.99 (and as of November 2020,  this deck is on special offer via Amazon for only £16.99 !)

To Summarise

The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards are ideal for exploring oneself, whether that be using the cards alone or alongside a tarot deck, these cards may be suited to any reader and are really easy to use and to understand.

I would certainly recommend this beautiful deck which encourages one to soul-search in order to achieve a greater level of self-awareness.

For further information upon The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards or alternative Red Feather/ Schiffer products visit

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Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. pamela
    April 11, 2021 / 9:10 pm

    I brought these cards on Ebay my packet never came with a book, i ask the seller all he could say is send me hafe of the money. Please can i buy the book as i can not use the pack of cards with out the book.

    • April 11, 2021 / 9:27 pm

      Sorry I’m not a seller – I’m just a reviewer 🙂

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