Flicking Through The Modern Witch Tarot Journal

Given that I write a blog, you may well have guessed that I am quite keen on the idea of journaling. Until now, I’ve only used a very basic notepad to jot down any notes during tarot readings and though I like to keep a record of my readings, I never really had the media to do so.

Last week Liminal 11 very kindly sent me a copy of The Modern Witch Tarot Journal to review and to make use of during my readings and boy – what a difference it has made!

Flicking Through The Modern Witch Tarot Journal

The Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot Journal is printed on high-quality 120gsm uncoated, woodfree paper and includes a ribbon bookmark to keep your place whilst working. This faux-leather, embossed, lavishly illustrated journal includes numerous sections and full-page colour artwork from Lisa Sterle.

Flicking Through The Modern Witch Tarot Journal

Sleek & Sectioned

The Modern Witch Tarot is far more than a guidebook, with 250 pages, this joyous journal has so many sections to make use of including:

  • Card Meanings – a section in which you can build your own reference guide to log reflections upon each card.
  • Tarot Meanings – a section to record your readings and interpretations which has plenty of space to track both short and more complex readings.
  • Tarot Spreads – A section to jot down and to collate your favourite tarot spreads and maybe even create your own!
  • Tarot Decks – A section in which to record an inventory of the decks which you have and in my case, further dream decks you wish to collect.
  • Books & Online Resources – A section to record your favourite tarot books, blogs, websites and such-like.
  • Tarot Circles – A section dedicated to listing the contact information of those within your inner and outer tarot circles.  

Flicking Through The Modern Witch Tarot Journal

Flicking Through The Modern Witch Tarot Journal

Learning The Art of Tarot

I love that Lisa has included a section to jot information upon each of the cards, this is ideal for new readers who wish to build their knowledge of the tarot as they can make notes upon and study the meanings for each card, building their knowledge upon the tarot.

Journaling With The Modern Witch Tarot Journal

I always feel that writing a journal is very much a personal journey, this particular journal offers more of a spiritual journey as it offers a space in which to record tarot readings, spreads, card collections, associates and such-like.

I’ve been using this journal for a week now to jot down notes from readings and I find it really useful to be able to flick back and to reflect upon past readings to find patterns and see relationships between the ‘now and then’.

Though this particular tarot journal is styled and based upon Lisa Sterle’s ‘Modern Witch Tarot‘, this needn’t mean that it can only be used alongside this particular deck as I myself have already used this journal to record numerous readings which I have carried out using various tarot decks (including The Modern Witch Tarot).

Pricing & Purchasing Information

The standard edition of The Modern Witch Tarot Journal has a recommended retail price of £14.99 and is available to purchase online via the likes of Amazon.

There is also a special limited edition available which can be purchased directly via Liminal 11 for £50, this deluxe version includes sparkling, metallic sprayed edges, a back pocket, ten sticker sheets, eight mini-prints of Lisa’s new and original drawings, five decorative bookmarks in a metallic gold design and an authenticity card signed by Lisa herself.

To Summarise

The Modern Witch Tarot Journal is a beautiful book and a journal which I will use for many years to come – if you are a reader of the tarot, I would thoroughly recommend adding this to your collection as it truly is a wonderful addition and aid to studying, reading and reflecting upon the art of tarot.

For further information upon The Modern Witch Tarot Journal or alternative Liminal 11 products visit https://liminal11.com

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Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. November 8, 2020 / 1:05 pm

    Wow this will be an ideal gift for my friend The Cemitary Witch on Instagram, thank you for sharing and reviewing

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