Exploring The Empathic Oracle

Whilst I’m a keen tarot reader, I also like to delve into alternative methods of divination such as oracle cards – I often find that oracle cards often add an extra layer of information and clarification to a traditional tarot reading which can prove useful.

The Empathic Oracle

I’ve recently been reading with The Empathic Oracle, a fifty-six card oracle deck designed and created by Steve Wilson and Michelle Motuzas. Steve Wilson is an ordained Spiritualist Minister Shamanic healer, psychic teacher, and paranormal investigator, whereas Michelle Motuzas is a psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, and intuitive artist and their combined work has resulted in a very simple but delightful deck.

Exploring The Empathic Oracle

This deck is designed to be worked with on an empathic level and is said to help readers and clients learn how to identify and to control experiences and to command their emotions and energies that may bombard their daily life.

Perfect Packaging

The Empathic Oracle arrives perfectly packaged in magnetic-close, sturdy cardboard, colour-printed box featuring turquoise hinge and pull ribbons. Enclosed within the box are the fifty-six oracle cards and a chunky guidebook.

Exploring The Empathic Oracle

The Guidebook

The Empathic Oracle includes a 144-page, colour-printed guidebook which features chapters upon ‘what is an empath’, ‘the tools of an empath’, a guide upon how to read the cards, and at least two pages upon each and every card within the deck.

Exploring The Empathic Oracle

The Cards

The Empathic Oracle features gold-gilded cards with what appears to be a sunflower backing with navy borders. Each card is numbered and titled allowing readers to easily make reference to meanings from the guidebook.

Exploring The Empathic Oracle

Reading With The Empathic Oracle

Whilst I’m sure there are many spreads with which this deck could be used, I personally tend to select one to two oracle cards to add clarity and further information to most of my tarot readings. The Empathic Oracle is a beautiful deck, especially in terms of the artwork. Each of the pastel, chalky images featured on each of the cards feel nurturing and seem almost easy to interpret without a guidebook to hand.

Exploring The Empathic Oracle

Here is a short video-walkthrough guide I put together further outlining and explaining The Empathic Oracle cards.

Purchasing & Pricing Information

The Empathic Oracle is available to purchase directly from Schiffer (Red Feather) for $29.99 or alternatively, within the UK can be purchased online via Gazelle Book Services or Amazon for £28.99.

To Summarise

The Empathic Oracle is an ideal tool for reflection and meditation. This deck certainly sparks interest in the idea of exploring one’s emotions and power as an empath. These cards are ideal for tarot readers (to add further clarity and information to readings) or anyone wishing to get in touch with their emotional side and to explore being an empath.

For further information upon The Empathic Oracle or alternative Schiffer/ Red Feather products visit www.schifferbooks.com

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Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.   


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