Tech For Tots With Kidoland

Like most children these days my kids love their tablets and I’m not referring to the daily dosage of vitamin supplements that I sneak into their food.

Tablet Time

Whilst I don’t mind the kids using the IPads for educational and entertainment purposes I certainly have some strict rules and regulations when it comes to limiting their time and the content on their tablets. I keep a very close eye on what the kids are playing, viewing and using on their tablets as I am more than aware of the dangers of technology these days.

Thankfully I’ve found that there in fact are a range of apps which tick the parental boxes and are actually able to offer our children some form of educational entertainment which is a hole lot better than the endless hours of random surprise eggs and other youtube clips that kids seem to binge-watch these days.


We were recently invited to review Kidloland, an app specifically designed for children under five years of age featuring over a thousand nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities and games.

Tech For Tots With Kidoland

Seriously, I have used hundreds of educational apps over the years to keep the kids entertained and to encourage their learning but never before have I seen an app of such quality featuring such a huge amount of content!

It’s as if Kidloland have scoured the app store for everything of use with children under five and have combined it all and more to create the Mother of all apps, Kidloland. From animated, sing-along nursery rhymes which there are literally thousands to choose from to learning how to write Kidloland has it all covered.


Putting Kidloland To The ‘Tech Tot Test’

From the very moment that I downloaded the Kidloland app and handed it over to my three-year old I very quickly became aware that this app has very little in terms of competition on either the App/ Play Store.

It is that good that I can hands up say that I myself (the parent who refuses to pay good money for an App of any kind) would happily pay for this app and would certainly recommend it to friends, family and readers as being well-worth the dosh for the download.

Tech For Tots With Kidoland
E really enjoyed listening to and watching the massive range of nursery rhymes featured within the Kidloland App. I will warn you that these tunes are rather catchy and you may find yourself humming away to ‘Miss Polly Had A Dolly’ whilst at work hours later, still it’s certainly worth the risk given that this App has so much to offer.

Since downloading this app I may as well delete half of the other apps using the bulk of the IPad storage. It seems that this app has pretty much everything covered when it comes to educational games.

My daughter doesn’t particularly enjoy practicing her pencil skills as being left-handed she often finds tracing letters rather arduous. We found that tracing letters on her IPad was far more effective as she seems to enjoy working on her tablet and as we all know we often learn more when we are having fun.

I spent quite some time selecting and downloading a range of letter tracing apps which have since been replaced by the Kidloland app as this includes these features along with thousands of other educational, entertaining activities ideal for stimulating young minds.

Parents are also able to create playlists of their children’s favourite songs, stories and such like within the Kidloland App to make accessing information quick and easy for little ones. This is especially useful for selecting a given theme and highlighting all related information.

Tech For Tots With Kidoland

The Kidloland app also features a wide range of seasonal activities ideal for all times of the year.  From Christmas to Easter, Kidoland has it all covered!

It’s Surprisingly Good!

My daughter E has a bit of thing for the ‘surprise eggs’ videos, god knows why as quite frankly the idea of watching someone else open a surprise egg is far from surprising or of interest in my eyes. Anyhow the Kidloland App also has this covered but from a cracking educational point of view.

Tech For Tots With Kidoland

From jigsaws, colouring, dot-to-dot right the way through to learning how to play the keyboard, the Kidloland app has it all sorted!


Both Moms And Mums Will Love Kidloland

I’ve never come across something so educationally, enjoyably, fun-packed as this App and whilst I am aware that Kidloland is in fact an American brand I still deem it to be one of the best Apps on the market for children under five years both in the USA and U.K.

The Kidloland App is certified as safe for children by the KidSAFE program and is always ad free, this certainly offers peace of mind for us techno twitchy parents.


Pricing & Services

Available on Android, Amazon and IOS (Apple) devices, the Kidloland App is free to download and try out for seven days but following this is available via a subscription service.

The Kidloland App can be downloaded on the Apple App Store by clicking here, the Google Play store by clicking here or from the Amazon Appstore by clicking here.

I found the Kidloland is currently priced at £4.02 per month, £20.15 for six months or best priced at £32.25 per year on the Apple App Store and of similar price on the Google Play Store.

Whilst I fully understand that this may seem like an expensive piece of kit to purchase I think it may well be worth it’s price given the content that this App has to offer.


Keeping Things Current

The Kidloland App is regularly updated with new songs, stories and activities to keep your children entertained.

E can very quickly become bored with Apps but this one certainly seems to be keeping her entertained and what’s more I am happy in the knowledge that whilst she uses her tablet it is at least for educational purposes.

My Final Thoughts

Whilst Kidloland may seem a little pricey, I am actually pretty confident that this App lives up to its expense in terms of content for kids.

I would definitely recommend downloading the Kidloland App for children aged five-years and under. This app transforms an electronic device into an educational tool for little ones and certainly reduces the Mummy guilt we all feel when handing the tablet to the tots.

For further information upon the Kidloland App visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. March 18, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    Looks good! My two are addicted to iPhone. It’s my fault really because I’m also addicted. They love watching Peppa and Thomas on YouTube. Although my eldest watches some random stuff as well! I might have a go on this and see if they enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

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