Sensory Success With The Stretch Scooby Doo Toy

Our son J loves to sit and fiddle with things, he has a short attention span at the best of times and as a result we often find him playing and tinkering with toys slightly differently to how most children might play.

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that J sees things slightly differently, nor that he plays differently to most children, it’s just how he is and so long as he’s happy then that’s all that matters really.

There are a few toys however that J seems naturally drawn towards, those stress ball type, malleable toys which allow J to pull, poke and fiddle with to his heart’s content. We were recently sent a Stretch Scooby Doo toy to review and share with my readers, J adores this toy and often carries it around with him simply to sit and stretch for enjoyment.

Sensory Success With The Stretch Scooby Doo ToyI have watched J sat stretching his Scooby Doo whilst watching television or listening to stories and realise that somehow this sensory figure has given J a sensory outlet. It seems that tactile toys seem to offer him a sensory extra which helps to keep him at ease and therefore more able to concentrate and maintain focus upon his surroundings.

Sensory Success With The Stretch Scooby Doo Toy

The Stretch Armstrong range has been expanding even further with the recent launch of the seven-inch stretchable action figures. These figures are said to be manufactured with the strongest formula yet and as a result these figures can be stretched time and time again returning to their original shape following play.

I asked J to demonstrate just how stretchy his Stretch Scooby Doo toy was and he was more than happy to share his findings, although I felt somewhat for poor Scooby as he had his limbs stretched to the max.

Available from the Stretch Scooby Doo seven-inch figure currently retails at £21.99

Suitable for children aged five years and above, the Stretch Scooby Doo toy is ideal for Scooby Doo fans requiring a little sensory stimulation and a whole heap of fun. J adores his Scooby Doo toy, it has become a firm favourite and whilst most people would refer to this item as a toy I would also like to suggest that the Stretch Scooby Doo is also a fantastic tool for young children to aid sensory stimulation.

For further information upon the Stretch toy range and Scooby Doo figures visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my sons and my own.



  1. May 31, 2017 / 6:04 pm

    J sounds very similar to my step son who also liked to be handling or fiddling with something all the time he had a stretch Armstrong, it’s good to see more modern varieties are still being produced

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