Smart Ass – The Fun, Fast & Factual Card Game

Produced by University Games, The Smart Ass Card Game is a smaller, more compact version of the original board game ‘Smart Ass’. The Smart Ass Card Game can either be used as a stand-alone card game or as an expansion pack for the Smart Ass board game. This fantastic quiz based card game is suitable for two or more players ideally aged twelve years and over.

Smart Ass - The Fun, Fast & Factual Card Game

Game Play

We were recently sent our very own deck of ‘Smart Ass’ cards to play and then to review: Much-like a pub quiz, Smart Ass is a card based question game which consists of four different topic areas (Who, What, Where and Smart Ass).

Smart Ass - The Fun, Fast & Factual Card Game

Game play is incredibly simple: the cards are shuffled together and the youngest player begins by reading the questions from the card which is placed at the top of the deck. Players may shout out an answer, which if answered correctly the player can then take the card and add it to their pile.

If the player answers the question incorrectly then all other players have a further chance at answering. If all players have answered incorrectly then the reader of the question takes the card and adds it to their own pile.

Players take turns to ask questions and the first person to collect four cards wins the game.

Am I A Smart Ass?

My husband and I gave this game a go earlier on. The questions whilst challenging, included a range of clues which made game play a little easier.

Even though my husband seemed to win each and every round that we played, I certainly enjoyed the challenge and other than the obligatory pint of lager and pack of crisps that I felt was missing from the moment, I could have been right there – in the pub taking part in the quiz.

As this game is essentially a deck of cards it is lightweight, compact and easy to carry around should you fancy playing whilst out and about. I will be sure to add this to my handbag for the next time we go out, although when that’ll be god only knows!

Purchasing & Pricing Information

With a recommended retail price of £7.99, the Smart Ass Card Game is available to purchase from a wide range of high-street and online stores including Amazon.

To Sum Up The Smart Ass Card Game

I may not be a ‘Smart Ass’ but I certainly had fun playing the game and will be sure to continue game play in the near future. I would certainly recommend this game to family and friends although would recommend extending the amount of cards required to win should you be playing as a pair otherwise gameplay is rather short.

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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