Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

As you can imagine having two children doesn’t make for a tidy house, our living room could often be mistaken for Toys R Us, either that or a bomb site depending on the time of day.

We have endless amounts of toys, most of which do get played with at some point. However, there are a select few toys which come out on a daily basis and seem to keep the kids entertained which gives us adults a short amount of time to sit, relax and to sip a hot coffee in peace. Who am I kidding?! As if… any time to ourselves is usually spent playing catch up on the household chores but there’s always wishful thinking!

Whilst J is most often kept busy with the two beloved L’s in his life (Lego or his Laptop) E is usually happiest when playing with her small, scented rubber figures known by the name of ‘Num Noms‘. E has been collecting Num-Noms for a while now and over time seems to have built herself a case full of the things, all of which occupy her for hours on end.


Num Noms Series 4

Much to E’s delight, we were recently sent two packs of Series 4 Num Noms and a Num Noms magazine to review and share on this here blog.

Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

What Are Num Noms?

Num Noms became really popular in 2016 with their collectible, food based, scented figures being a big hit with children UK wide. Suitable for children aged three-years and above, these cute collectible, scented figures can be stacked and played with for hours on end.

“A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms. To create your own flavour fusion mix a Num and a Nom. It’s a recipe for mischief with so many wacky combos. The Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes! And, they smell so delicious!”


Num Noms Series 4 Dessert Tray Lunch Box

Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

The Num Noms Dessert Tray Lunch Box features a range of mix and match Nums & Noms to create delicious flavour and scented combinations. Included within this box is:

  • 1 x Mystery Num (hidden behind the question mark)
  • 10 x Scented Nums
  • 2 x Flavoured Lip Gloss Noms
  • 1 x Collectors Menu

Now that E is getting a little older she seems to have taken interest in my makeup which isn’t ideal given that I’m fairly precious about my cosmetics. I was therefore rather relieved to find that E now has her very own Num-Noms lip glosses to smother herself in!

Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

Given that E seems to have a real thing for surprise eggs and such like she seemed to really enjoy opening the mystery Num along with the other Nums and Noms included within this pack.


Num Noms Series 4.1 Tea Party Starter Pack

Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

The Num Noms Series 4.1 Tea Party set is slightly smaller than the lunch box tray but is a fantastic starter pack which includes:

  • 1 x Glitter Flavoured Lip Gloss Nom
  • 2 x Food Inspired Accessories
  • 3 x Scented Nums
  • 1 x Collectors Menu

E seems to a magpie when it comes to all things that glitter thus this pack seemed to suit her down to the ground!

     Num Noms Official Magazine

Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

Num Noms have recently launched an official magazine, on the cover of this magazine are a number of ‘freebies’ such as a Num-Noms camera toy, key ring, notelets and a magnet all of which have been added to E’s Num-Noms ever-growing Num-Noms collection.

Inside the magazine itself are numerous colouring pages, puzzles, stickers, stories, competitions and features to keep little ones entertained. We took this magazine to Majorca with us on holiday and E had us carry it in the beach bag each and every day, it certainly seemed to keep her happy whilst we took time out from the sun under the parasol.

Aimed at children between 5-12 years old, the Num-Noms magazine is published every four weeks and is available from a wide range of news agents and high street stores.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

The larger Num Noms Dessert Tray Lunch Box retails from £16.99 whereas the Num Noms Tea Party Starter pack is available from only £9.99. The Num-Noms series 4 figures and toys are available from all good toy retailers including Toys R Us, Smyths and The Entertainer.


Our Final Thoughts

I personally would thoroughly recommend Num Noms not only for entertainment purposes but also because these figures aren’t quite as small as alternate brands (naming no names) and are therefore less likely to become lost or broken.

As you may have already gathered, E adores her Num Nom toys. She has built an extensive collection over the past few months which I am sure we will continue to add to all of which get played with on a daily basis. Any toy that is played with as regularly as E’s Num Noms are certainly a winner in my eyes.

For further information upon Num Noms figures and toys visit www.numnoms.com

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Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are our own.


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