From Gaming To Reality With Roblox Figures & Playsets

Being the ultimate geek, our son J is really into gaming related figures and plush toys including Angry Birds, Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Minecraft, Terraria and of course Lego! His bedroom is much like a gamers paradise, choc-a-block with computer gaming based novelties and knick-knacks.



Much to J’s delight we were recently sent the latest range of Roblox toys to try out and to toy with. Roblox is one of the world’s largest social platforms for play powering the imaginations of people Worldwide.

Roblox is available to play on a wide range of platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices and the XBOX One.


Roblox Toys

To go alongside the Roblox game, Roblox have recently released a range of figures and playsets inspired by players favoured characters and experiences. The parts of these can be mixed and matched to create unique Roblox figures and adventures. Each collectible figure comes with its very own redeemable code which unlocks exclusive virtual items with the Roblox game.

We were very kindly sent The Roblox High School Play Set, The Roblox Matt Dusek figure and a Roblox mystery box to share and to try out.

Unboxing & Opening The Roblox Figures & Playsets

Both J & E were hugely excited to unbox and to open the Roblox figures and play sets. Whilst E may be into all things pink and girly she is also quite happy to help open and to play with anything that her brother shows remote interest in!

Turning Gaming Into A Reality With Roblox Figures & Playsets

The Matt Dusek Roblox Figure

Included with the Matt Dusek figure set is:

  • 1 x Matt Dusek figure wearing his distinguished Dusekkar (measuring 7cm in height)
  • 1 x Accessory
  • 1 x Collectors List/ Sheet
  • 1 x Exclusive Code to redeem a virtual item in the Roblox game


The Roblox High School PlaySet

The Roblox High School Playset is a two-pack set which includes:

  • 1 x Cool High School Dude
  • 1 x Cool High School Gal
  • 2 x Skateboards
  • 1 x Locker
  • 1 x Book
  • 1 x Exclusive Code to redeem a virtual item in the Roblox game
  • 1 x Collectors List/ Sheet
Roblox Mystery Boxes

Roblox have also created a range of mystery, blind boxes, each one contains a Roblox figure/ character of which there are 24 in total to collect. Each figure comes with an accessory and an exclusive code to redeem a virtual item in the Roblox game.

Upon opening our mystery box we found that we had StickMasterLuke, J has since started looking at the Roblox check list and working out further figures he wishes to collect.

Interchangeable Characters

Each of the Roblox figures has interchangeable parts enabling children and adults should they fancy to swap and change parts to create unique characters.

J and E really enjoyed playing around with the figures and accessories to create their very own characters which they then used to play imaginatively with to create their very own adventures from.

Reality VS Virtual Reality

I have to admit I am far happier watching my children playing imaginatively with figures and such like rather than sat goggle eyed playing a computer game. If they wish to play computer games then I would much prefer them to do so in a physical, realistic way rather than on a virtual level.

Physical toys such as figures promote far more imaginative play than any computer game can offer. Whilst Roblox may be a great game to play on a console, in my eyes it is far better played in the real world using figures/ toys.


Virtual Game Play

Since receiving the figures we have downloaded and installed the Roblox game onto my sons IPad and have made full use of the redemption codes we received as part of the Playsets and figures.

Having googled and read a huge amount of information upon the Roblox game I will admit that I was slightly concerned about my son playing this game as whilst it may be creative and massively educational it seemed slightly risky given that Roblox is one of the Worlds biggest social platform games.

Roblox are fully complying to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to ensure that the privacy of all users under the age of twelve-years by preventing children from sharing personal information via chat messages or in-game. However, children aged thirteen-years and over are able to adjust their account settings to have an expanded vocabulary list and other settings.

Roblox uses an advanced filtering  system alongside their moderation team to help keep players safe during play. Roblox have recently updated their system to include:

  1. Parental controls that will enable parents to shut-off chat capability.
  2. Age visibility so that parents can easily determine that the settings for their kids are age appropriate.
  3. More stringent chat controls for under 13s restricting a greater range of words.
  4. Expansion of their moderation team for more aggressive deletion of games and content with behaviour that they will not tolerate.
  5. Further enhancement of guidelines for their developer community in terms of content and experiences that are not allowed in their games.

That being said I still monitor my son whilst he uses the IPad as I am concerned about what he may be exposed to should I turn a blind eye.

Purchasing and Pricing Information

Available from a wide range of high street and online stores including Smyths, Toys R Us, The Entertainer, Amazon, Argos, Tesco and Asda, the Roblox Matt Dusek Figure Set currently retails from £6.99, The Roblox High School Playset is available for £12.99 and Roblox Mystery Boxes are priced from £3.99


My Final Thoughts

The Roblox figures and playsets are perfectly proportioned for throwing into your handbag for the kids to engage in imaginative play whilst out and about or indoors at home.

Both J & E have had great fun playing with their Roblox figures over the past week or so, J has also shown great interest in the Roblox computer game which was inevitable.

As I’ve already mentioned I far prefer to see children enjoying playing with physical toys rather than computer games and for that reason alone I think these figures are worthwhile .

For further information upon Roblox and Roblox Toys visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my children’s and my own.



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