Are You Ready2Robot?

Being a family of techno-freaks, we are rather taken by the idea of robots. I’m sure it won’t be long before AI is an everyday normality and not just a novelty. For now though we will make do with toys, our kids rave about robots and were therefore overjoyed to receive a range of ‘Ready2Robot‘ products to play with.

Are You Ready2Robot?

Included within our Ready2Robot goody pack was a ‘Ready2Robot Survivor Battle Pack’, a ‘Ready2Robot Bot Blasters Set’ and a ‘Ready2Robot Build Swap & Battle Single Series Figure’, all which are part of the series 1 collection.


Ready2Robot features a range of Mech Bots, Pilots and weapons which children can mix and match to create their very own ‘custom robots’. Children can then battle against one and other, swapping and changing parts as they please.

Opening, Unwrapping & Unboxing

Our son J took great interest in the Ready2Robot sets, as did our five-year old daughter E. They sat together to open each set, E desperate for her big brother J to work quicker as he opened and unwrapped each element of each set.

Busy Bots

These sets kept the kids occupied for many few hours, as they worked together to piece together robots/ figures using a range of different parts and accessories which they then mixed and match to create various figures. Whilst robots aren’t usually E’s thing, she was rather keen to take part and has continued to enjoy playing with these figures along with her brother over the past week or so.

The Marvels of The Mysterious

Each Ready2Robot pack/set varies in colour and contents. The pods/ containers which the characters are wrapped within feature ‘secret chambers’ which contain mystery layers to unbox and unwrap. This reminded me very much of the current ‘LOL Secrets’ fad which our little young lady is mad about! Kids love a gimmick and anything mysterious such as secret compartments with hidden contents seem to tick every child’s boxes for whatever reason – our son certainly enjoyed opening each section to find what was hidden within.

The Ready 2 Robot Survivor Battle Pack

Are You Ready2Robot?

Each Ready2Robot Survivor Battle Pack set features an exclusive Ready2Robot pod and Bot Blaster. Within the set are:

  • 2 x Mechbots (one of which is a mystery figure)
  • 2 x Pilots
  • A range of weapons to battle with

Are You Ready2Robot?

Available to purchase from a range of high-street and online stores including Smyths Toys, the Ready2Robot Survivor Battle Pack’ has a recommended retail price of £19.99. However, this is currently on offer at Smyths Toys for only £14.99!

The Ready2Robot Bot Blasters Pack

Are You Ready2Robot?

The Ready2Robot Bot Blasters pack includes:

  • 1 x Mechbot (featuring exclusive deco)
  • 1 x Pilot (featuring exclusive deco)
  • 1 x Mini Bot Weapon Accessory

Are You Ready2Robot?

The Ready2Robot Bot Blasters pack has a recommended retail price of £14.99 but is currently on offer for only £9.99 at Smyths Toys. With four different packs to chose from, there are a range of Mech Bots, Pilots and accessories which children are able to collect.

Ready2Robot Bot Brawlers

Are You Ready2Robot?

The Ready2Robot Bot Brawlers single packs are essentially blind packs which include:

  • 1 x Mechbot
  • 1 x Pilot
  • 1 x Slime Canister

As with most collectibles, Ready2Robot features a range of figures which children can collect. Here are some examples of the figures that children may find wrapped within their ‘Ready2Robot’ single bot brawler packs:

The single Ready2Robot packs have a recommended retail price of £9.99. However, they are currently on offer at Smyths Toys for the bargain price of only £6.99!


Collecting & Building Battle Squads

Ready2Robot like most toys on the market at present, are part of a collectable series. I have included a picture of the collection sheet to highlight just how many there are to collect.

Are You Ready2Robot?

As you can see, there are a range of pilots, mechbots and accessories all of which can be built up over time should children wish to add to their collection.

To Summarise

Children can spend time opening, unboxing and unwrapping the Ready2Robot figures and accessories. Once they have finished opening the many secret compartments and such-like, they can then build, swap, collect and battle against their friends. This is a great little toy for children aged five years and above! For further information upon ‘Ready2Robot’ products visit 

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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