Playing ‘PJ Masks Team Of Heroes’

My family and I regularly gather around the table to spend time playing board games together. We may well be surrounded by technology which can provide endless hours of gaming based entertainment but I’d much prefer to raise my children to play real games – by which I am referring to those games which are shared with real life people in a real situation. I think that games which offer a challenge without needing ‘charging’ are far more beneficial to our children and so whenever we have the time and opportunity, I make a point of getting out a game to play.


The PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game

We were recently sent the ‘PJ Masks Team of Heroes’ game from Ravensburger to play and to review. When they have the chance, both E & J enjoy watching PJ Masks on the television so they were both keen to give the board game a go.

Suitable for 1-4 players (aged four years and over), the ‘PJ Masks Team of Heroes’ board game is a cooperative strategy game for children and parents.

Playing 'PJ Masks Team Of Heroes'

Whats Included?

Included within this game are:

  • 1 x Game Board
  • 33 x Playing Cards
  • 4 x Movers
  • 15 x Robot Bases
  • 1 x Romeo’s Lab
  • 1 x Romeo’s Lab Base
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet
Game Play

Romeo has to let his robots loose in order to attack the PJ Masks base. Players must work together to organise and to plan their strategies to fight against the robots whilst simultaneously disabling Romeo’s Lab.

The game begins with three different coloured robots, on their turn players must select the card from the top of the deck to reveal the boards action and to discover the options available for play. Whilst the top of the card mostly advances the robots towards the PJ Masks base, the bottom part of the card offers players two options – these options are either to move on the PJ Masks a particular number of spaces in order to fend off robots, or alternatively they can deal a ‘hit point’ to Romeo’s Lab.

Playing 'PJ Masks Team Of Heroes'

Players must decide which and when to move each PJ Mask character, if any robot should make it to the base then Romeo wins and all the players lose. If players do however manage to reduce the Lab to 0 energy then all the players win collectively.

This game typically lasts for twenty minutes but may vary according to the amount and ability of players.


Our Opinion

After explaining the instructions a few times to the children, we began game play. The children have played cooperative games in the past but still find this concept unusual. However, it was rather nice to work together rather than most board games which force the children to challenge one and other.

The game itself was fairly simple to play once the instructions became clear. The children discussed their ideas for each move and made joint decisions in how they wished to play, though the game is quite is quite tricky and it took a few attempts before the children won (which they found peculiar but pleasant to celebrate and to share).

Pricing and Purchasing Information

The ‘PJ Masks Team of Heroes’ board game is available to purchase online through Amazon for only ¬£21.99.


Our Final Thoughts

The ‘PJ Masks Team of Heroes’ is a fantastic board game which is ideal to play and to share with siblings or friends or family whom may be visiting as it is a team challenge which encourages team work, discussion and strategic thinking without causing rifts through the rivalry of challenge.

For further information about the ‘PJ Masks Team of Heroes’ board game or other related games and toys visit¬†

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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