Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly’s Amazing Adventures Review

Our household has always enjoyed reading books, reading is part of our daily routine and we have an extensive collection of books which the children enjoy.

I am particularly keen on reading books which provide educational information to the children through an informal and enjoyable format. Books which offer the children support and understanding of the World in which they live are hugely beneficial not only for them but for us as parents.

Anything which can offer a little guidance and support here and there for children certainly gets my thumbs up, this is certainly the case for three travel based books which we were recently sent to read and review.

Plane Characters Children’s Books

Produced by Plane Characters, written by self published author and commercial pilot Captain Rob Johnson and illustrated by Stuart Buckley, The Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly’s books offer children a chance to gain information upon all aspects of travel through a fun, fact-filled, fictional series.


The Pilate Ollie & Pilate Polly Book Series

There are numerous books within the Pilate Ollie & Pilate Polly series, the following three we have certainly enjoyed reading:

  • Pilot Ollie & Pilate Polly’s Guide To The Airport
  • Pilot Ollie & Pilate Polly’s Amazing Adventures in New York
  • Pilot Ollie & Pilate Polly’s Amazing Adventures in London

Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly's Amazing Adventures Review

Both my seven-year old son and three-year old daughter greatly enjoyed reading each of these books, especially the ‘Amazing Adventures In London’ as they visited London in late October and have very fond memories of their stay.

We have planned a trip to Majorca in the summer which will entail a visit to the airport followed by a plane journey. I will be sure to pack the ‘Guide To The Airport’ book as part of their travel packs to keep them entertained and to offer them a child’s guide to support their experience.

We found these books greatly informative but a little lengthy for younger children. The pictures however kept their attention as they were bright, colourful and provided excellent guides for the children to follow.

Whilst we were sent the Pilot Ollie & Pilate Polly books, Plane Characters also produce numerous other books featuring a range of characters, all of which are printed in high quality paper back format.


Pricing And Purchasing Information

Each book costs £4.95 which I feel is a fair price considering how informative and useful these books will become for both you and your children. The Plane Characters books can be ordered directly from their website www.planecharacters.com

Further activities and information can also be downloaded from the website should you wish to add a few extra items to your little ones travel packs.


To Summarise

I would certainly recommend the Pilot Ollie & Pilate Polly series of books for anyone considering travelling with their children and wishing to support their education and understanding a little further.

This exciting new series of children’s books features a wide variety of characters and adventures, ideal for stimulating and educating young children.

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Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are our own.


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