Product Reviews

The Whimsical & Wonderful Ostara Tarot

The Ostara Tarot (first published in 2017 by Red Feather of Schiffer Publications) is a collaborative project founded by Molly Applejohn and named after the pagan vernal equinox which marks the midpoint of spring, a time for rebirth, new growth and fresh starts… Picky About Packaging The Ostara Tarot arrives packaged in a medium-sized magnetic-close cardboard box which when opened features a red ribbon either side of the box to keep the lid upright. A guidebook is included which is placed on top of two separate piles of cards that are held in place by a flimsy cardboard bracket. Whilst… View Post

Reading & Reviewing The Thoth Tarot Book & Cards Set

Having spent the past twenty-odd years reading and using only two traditional Rider-Waite-Smith style tarot card decks, I was ignorantly unaware that any other tarot system existed. However, having spent the past six months or more delving deeper into the art of divination, I have since learnt otherwise. The three most popular and commonly used tarot systems are The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, The Marseille Tarot, and The Thoth Tarot. The Thoth Tarot Originally devised by Aleister Crowley and Lady Freida Harris, the Thoth Tarot deck (like the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot) is comprised of seventy-eight cards including the major arcana, the minor arcana… View Post

Sweet Days Ahead With The Kawaii Tarot

Loosely based upon the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, The Kawaii Tarot is one of the sweetest tarot decks that I have ever encountered. The Kawaii Tarot The Kawaii Tarot is a beautifully modern, cute, clean, and simplistic deck designed and created by Diana Lopez. Diana was first introduced to tarot reading by her mother but felt that she was unable to connect with the artistry within the more traditional decks. During her youth, Diana spent time working on graphic design projects and alongside her friends, she would often create simple pixel art and illustrations which would then be posted within… View Post

Marvelling At The Mary El Tarot (2nd Edition)

Having reviewed and featured a number of tarot decks on this here blog, I was recently contacted by Schiffer (Red Feather) asking whether I would like to review a few more of their amazing tarot decks – well why not?! I was honoured to be asked to collaborate with Schiffer and couldn’t wait to be able to work with yet more tarot decks. Schiffer enquired as to which decks I may be interested in featuring and having flicked through their incredibly tempting catalogue, I asked whether it may be possible to have a copy of the new and revised second… View Post

Shuffling Through The Spirit Within Tarot

Being an avid tarot card reader, I am also a keen deck collector and whilst living in lockdown over the past few months, I have whiled away some of my time by getting to grips with reading and using a variety of new tarot decks, including the marvellously modern and super stylish ‘Spirit Within Tarot‘ which Red Feather (Schiffer Publishing) very kindly sent me to review. The Spirit Within Tarot was designed and created by Steven Bright (born in London in 1972), a professional tarot reader who is also the creator of two tarot decks, a keen blogger, a tarot… View Post