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Playing ‘PJ Masks Team Of Heroes’

My family and I regularly gather around the table to spend time playing board games together. We may well be surrounded by technology which can provide endless hours of gaming based entertainment but I’d much prefer to raise my children to play real games – by which I am referring to those games which are shared with real life people in a real situation. I think that games which offer a challenge without needing ‘charging’ are far more beneficial to our children and so whenever we have the time and opportunity, I make a point of getting out a game to play.…

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Slick Skating With The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter

My husband and I have been into balance based sports such as skating, boarding, scooting and skiing since we were children. We would therefore like to encourage our little ones to follow in our footsteps and do so by taking the kids along to a local roller disco each week, where we spend time skating, scooting and generally raising our adrenalin levels whilst having fun as a family.

The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter recently sent us The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter for our nine-year old son to put to the test,l. Until now J had been using a three-wheeled scooter which he greatly enjoyed riding but had outgrown somewhat.…

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Nutty About Num Noms With The Series 5 Starter Pack

Our little lady has been nutty about Num Noms for some time now, she has built quite the collection over the years and still continues to enjoy playing with these cute, food based figures during her free time.

We were very kindly sent the latest Num Noms Series Five Starter Pack to review and to share with our readers. E was once again delighted to be gifted with yet more Num Noms and was desperate to delve into her grocery based goodies.

Num Noms

Num Noms first became popular in 2016 when their scented, collectible, food based figures first hit the UK market.…

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Gaming Like A Ninja With Cobra Paw

Part of our weekly weekend routine has always been to watch a movie or to play board games around the table as a family. I find this time together to sit and unwind before yet another busy week ahead does wonders for us all, that and it brings us together to have fun and games without any distractions. We did precisely this last night and what a lot of laughs we had!

Cobra Paw

We were recently sent the Cobra Paw game to rate and review as part of the Bloggers Board Game Club. Published by Bananagrams, Cobra Paw is a fast paced, action-packed game which requires excellent observational skills and quick reflexes.…

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Reviewing The Roblox Celebrity Toy Range

Like most nine-year old boys, my son J is very much into gaming and if he isn’t busy playing on a console then he’s either watching videos of other people doing so, or sat with paper and a pencil designing his own levels and characters for his own games.

J has a rather large collection of gaming based characters and figures, these are something which he seems to enjoy playing with and although I’m forever finding random figurines lying around the house in all kinds of places, if they keep his mind occupied and his eyes away from a screen then I can’t really argue!…

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