Product Reviews

Reading & Reviewing The Bonefire Tarot

With Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner, it seems only right to feature and to review an awesome, autumnal tarot deck such as The Bonefire Tarot – a vivid, hand-painted Rider-Waite based tarot deck inspired by the vintage, old-school tattoo flash of Sailor Jerry Collins. The Bonefire Tarot is the ideal tarot deck for the explorative reader as it features visual keys and symbols to enhance and encourage intuitive reading. Gabi Angus-West Designed and created by Gabi Angus-West, The Bonefire Tarot began as a painting based upon ‘The Lovers’ which was created in honour of an engaged couple,… View Post

Brilliant Bags & Perfect Pouches for Tarot Cards

Since relighting my love for reading the tarot back in the springtime, I’ve collected countless decks, a few of which I’ve made storage bags and pouches for. Here are a few of the bags which I’ve thrown together over the past six months or so… Handmade At Home Though I’m not too bad on a sewing machine, my work is far from perfect, thus it’s rather nice to have a couple of professionally made bags to add to my ever-growing collection. Professionally Perfect I was very kindly sent two professionally made tarot bags by a good friend (from OrsettiCraft tarot… View Post

A Diverse and Divine Twist Upon Tradition With The Modern Witch Tarot

First published in 2019 by Liminal 11, The Modern Witch Tarot is a diverse, contemporary take upon the traditional tarot inspired by fashion and modern witches from the everyday walk of life. Having seen quite a few walkthrough videos of The Modern Witch Tarot, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this deck for quite some time and so as you can imagine, I was elated when Liminal 11 agreed to offer me a copy of this delightfully diverse and divine deck in exchange for a review. Lisa Sterle Designed by Lisa Sterle, The Modern Witch Tarot was created… View Post

Reviewing & Reading The Hip Chick Tarot – A Deck For Divas Of The Divine

Throughout lockdown, I’ve built quite the collection of tarot decks, some of which I’ve been rather lucky to receive for review purposes. Though I love each and every one of the tarot decks that I work with, there are a select few which I particularly treasure – one of which is the Hip Chick Tarot. Designed and created by Maria Strom, The Hip Chick Tarot is a diverse, modern deck for women that’s both spiritual and practical. Maria Strom Maria is a tarot reader and artist based in Athens, Georgia. She first began to read the tarot at the age… View Post

Studying The Stars With The First Light Tarot

Though I’m most definitely a ‘Rider-Waite’ chick when it comes to reading tarot, I do quite like to dabble with alternative divination tools and techniques when I am given the opportunity. Earlier this month, Schiffer (also known as Red Feather) Publishing very kindly sent me a copy of theĀ  ‘First Light Tarot‘, which is most certainly an alternative to the traditional tarot. The First Light Tarot is a space-themed divination deck, featuring imagery captured by the Hubble Telescope and according to the First Light Astronomy Club, ‘First Light’ is the moment a new telescope first opens itself up to the… View Post