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Creative, Comical Fun With The Googly Eyes Board Game

The weather’s miserable, E has been choked up with the latest bug doing the rounds and we’ve started suffering with four wall syndrome. What better way to pass the time than to play a few board games? Over the years we’ve collected a rather large amount of board games which we store in what we now refer to as our ‘Bored Cupboard’ because if your ever feeling bored you’re sure to find something to entertain you within the bored cupboard! Googly Eyes We were recently sent the ‘Googly Eyes’ board game from University Games to rate, review and add to our ‘cupboard… View Post

Thinking On Your Feet With The 5 Second Rule Junior Board Game

Each Sunday we make time to sit down together as a family and to either watch a movie or to play a board game. Rather than moping over the weekend coming to a close, we try to distract ourselves from the week ahead with some rest and relaxation as a family. Playing board games is hugely beneficial to all involved, especially children. Board games can teach children a vast array of both simple and complex life skills including: Learning to take turns Building patience and understanding of others Learning how to accept loss Building concentration skills Learning how to read others facial expressions and… View Post

Glimmies, It’s A Kind Of Magic!

The Magic Of Play We all love to have a little bit of magic in our lives, this especially applies to children as they are yet to fully understand the World in which they live and the concepts of Science. To actually witness magic in the making is somewhat of a thrill. I myself love to watch a good magic trick and since having children have learnt how to perform a few of my own tricks to stun and amaze my little ones. As a child light can be a fairly magical concept, as we wake each morning the sun rises and as we settle down… View Post

Making Math’s Memorable With MathsRockx

Our son J is quite talented at Maths but seems to find memorising information, particularly his Times Tables fairly difficult. I was therefore rather pleased when were recently asked to review the MathsRockx App, a program specifically designed to help children revise and to learn their Times Tables through combining Music and Maths. The MathsRockx App Music is massively beneficial to many aspects of children’s learning, the MathsRockx app uses Music to help trigger memories and to learn specific information. By combining Music, Maths and visual cues, the MathsRockx App offers children a stimulating platform to recall mathematical information. Much like we often… View Post

The Finding Dory Nemo And Friends AquaBeads Set Review

I Am An AquaBeader! I am very pleased to tell you that I was recently chosen to be a part of the ‘Aquabeaders’ online group. As part of this I will be sharing and promoting a wide range of Aquabeads sets and products with you, my wonderful readers. What Are Aquabeads? Aquabeads are small, coloured beads which when sprayed with water become sticky and can mould together to create a 2D design. There are a range of similar products including Hama Beads and Hot Beads also on the market but they require a hot iron to bond the beads together and are therefore far… View Post