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Perfectly Pretty With The Sue Ryder Pink Children’s Dressing Table

My daughter is a total Princess, she loves anything pink or girly. Whilst E is only three years of age, she already enjoys having her hair styled, nails painted and most recently dabbling with Mummy’s makeup.

Being the total Diva that she is, E would love her very own ‘dressing table’ at which she can sit and perfect being pretty. I was therefore over the moon when Sue Ryder offered us the opportunity to review one of their snazzy Pink Children’s Dressing Tables.

About Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder is a charity, originally named the Sue Ryder Foundation and more recently Sue Ryder Care.…

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Ninny Noo Noo AKA Richie the Rabbit, A Forever Friend.

For those of you that have the pleasure of knowing our beautiful little girl, you will be well aware that she has a bit of a thing for her ‘Ninny Noo Noo’ aka the soft rabbit that she carries everywhere without fail.

Whilst this super soft bunny is known to us (and all of our family and friends) as ‘Ninny’, which was E’s first attempt at sounding out the word ‘bunny’. Whilst E is now more than capable of saying the word ‘bunny’ she still refers to her furry little friend as ‘Ninny’ or occasionally when the poor bunny is probably in trouble of some sort E will refer to the rabbit in full as ‘Ninny Noo-Noo’.…

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Raising Children To New Heights With The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

I have lost count of the amount of people who have messaged or commented on my social media posts asking ‘What is that thing your kid is stood on?’ desperate to get hold of one themselves. That thing which features in so many of our baking and craft pictures is indeed an amazing contraption which may have cost a fair penny (around £100 when I made the purchase back in 2010) but it has paid for itself over and over throughout the years, this fantastic bit of kit which I am referring to is ‘The Kitchen Helper’.

My kids love to take part in whatever may be going on around them, this includes the kitchen chores believe it or not.…

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Techy Tablet Time & Kids You Tube 

As you know, kids are like magnets when it comes to tablets (or in our house IPads). I know that our two little ones love nothing more than to earn their tablet time and once they have hold of said technology, they are reluctant to give it up for love nor money. The thing of it is, whilst I have a love-hate relationship with tablets and my children, they can come in rather useful at times. I will openly admit (so shoot me now) to using tablets for the following:

Distracting my children enough so that they will eat certain foods, they are far too absorbed in the iPad to notice what may be about to enter their mouths.… View Post