The Num Noms Collectors Case, A Stylish Storage Solution

Our daughter E has been collecting Num Noms for almost two years now, she is an avid fan of the little rubber, scented figures along with their buzzing, glossy or stamping counterparts which team together to create Num Noms.

What Exactly Are Num Noms When They Are At Home?

Num Noms became rather popular with children back in 2016 when these collectible, food based, scented figures became a hit with kids Worldwide. Suitable for children aged three-years and over, these cute, collectible, scented figures may be stacked or combined to create a range of recipes.

“A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms. To create your own flavour fusion mix a Num and a Nom. It’s a recipe for mischief with so many wacky combos. The Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes! And, they smell so delicious!”


The Num Noms Collectors Case

Our daughter E is an avid collector of Num-Noms, she spends hours on end playing with these cute, colourful and cheery figures and up until now she has kept her collection of figures in an old lunch box, that was up until recently when we were sent the ‘Num Noms Collectors Case’ to review and to share.

Whats more, we were also sent a range of stickers to personalise E’s Num-Noms case with, two series 4.1 Num Noms Mystery Lip Gloss/ Nail Polish packs and the latest copy of the Num Noms magazine featuring oodles of goodies for E to enjoy.

The Num Noms Collectors Case, A Stylish Storage Solution

This fabulous case features adjustable, removable shelves and is the ideal solution for storing fifty plus Num Noms figures whilst out and about. Included within the case are stickers to label your collection (children can label according to food theme, scent, colour or rarity using said stickers) and an exclusive, mystery Num Nom along with a collectors menu.


E adores her Num Noms Collectors Case as finally she is able to ditch the ancient lunch bag and store her Num Noms in style. She has spent time labelling the case using the stickers included but as her reading it still rather limited she required guidance and support to carry this out, this is also an issue when she places the Num Noms back within the case resulting in Num Noms often being out of place.

This isn’t entirely ideal for an OCD Mummy like myself but give it time and I’m sure we will have things in perfect order, what am I saying?! As if anything will ever be in any kind of order given that I have two children!


Num Noms Series 4.1 Mystery Packs

As I mentioned above we were also sent two of the ‘Num Noms Mystery Lip Gloss/ Nail Polish Packs’ which I will admit, I was tempted to keep aside as stocking fillers but failed miserably.

The Num Noms Collectors Case, A Stylish Storage Solution

These perfect little pots include one mystery scented Num and either a lip gloss or nail polish Nom.

The Num Noms Collectors Case, A Stylish Storage Solution

The Num Noms Magazine

Like most little ladies her age, E is rather partial to a magazine or two. She enjoys spending time looking through the pictures, colouring, reading together and pointing to all of the adverts for the things which she believes we should be spending our pennies upon.

Usually however E will spend the first few days following opening a magazine playing with the goodies included and ignoring the magazine entirely. Thankfully the Num Noms magazines are certainly not short of goodies which never fail to entertain our daughter for days on end.

The Num Noms Collectors Case, A Stylish Storage Solution

The monthly Num Noms magazine offers Num Noms fans a slice of everything they could wish for including crafts, colouring, puzzles, stories, competitions and free gifts galore. Aimed towards children aged 5-12 years, the Num Noms magazine is fun packed and fairly priced. Published every four weeks, this magazine is available through subscription services or via a wide range of news agents and high street stores.

Purchasing & Pricing Information

The Num Noms Collectors Case is available to purchase from a wide range of high street and online stores including Toys R Us and AmazonFor those of you wishing to bag a bargain Amazon are currently selling the Num Noms Collectors Case for a steal at only £9.99!

Num Noms Series 4.1 Lip Gloss/ Nail Polish Mystery Packs are also available through Amazon from £5.98.


Our Final Thoughts

E adores her Num Noms figures and whilst I’m not entirely fond of having to find endless amounts of figures after they’ve been spread around the house I can appreciate how much she enjoys playing with these toys, that and I am thankful for the time it offers me to get on with the chores around the house whilst she entertained through playing with these cute, scented and rather robust figures.

I’ve been meaning to find some sort of case for E to store her many Num Noms but up until now haven’t had the chance so am rather impressed with this official storage case. Not only does this carry case look funky and fabulous but I am pretty sure that it will make life much easier in the future given that Num Noms seem to be E’s toy of choice to spread around the house and to play with each day. Hopefully now that we have something in which to store and to organise her many figures I should no longer have to scour and search the house to find her beloved Num Noms.

Any toy that is able to entertain my daughter for such lengthy time certainly gets my thumbs up, a carry case in which to store said toy is an added bonus! Num Noms never fail to impress or to entertain my little lady and for that reason alone I’d score these toys a top ten out of ten.

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Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are our own.


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