Loving Lumo Stars

Tactic, a Finnish based game and gift company have recently launched a range of toys based upon a children’s book written by Kati Heljakka. ‘Lumo Stars‘ are nordic animals said to live in a mystical and curious land. We were recently sent three of the ‘Northern Brights plush collection’ from Lumo Stars to share and to review.


The Lumo Stars ‘Northern Brights Plush Toys’ Collection

Lumo Stars ‘Northern Brights Plush Toys‘ feature a large range of plush animals which are commonly found within Nordic counties, available in a range of sizes and realistic or fantasy based colour options, the ‘Northern Brights’ plush toys have large, sparkling eyes and super soft fur for ultra comfort.

Suitable for children aged three years and over, each Lumo Stars plush toy has its own name and personality description: We were very kindly sent Blueberry Fox, Wuff the Basset Hound Dog and Repo the Fox.

Loving Lumo Stars


Our Little Ones Love Their Lumo Stars

Upon receiving their Lumo Stars plush toys, my children were equally delighted by the figures, my daughter took an instant liking to the ‘Wuff the Basset Hound’ most likely as we ourselves have our very own basset hound, whereas J, my son preferred ‘Blueberry Fox’.

I can certainly tell that the children rather love their Lumo Stars ‘Northern Brights’ plush toys as they’ve each given their plush toys pride of place in their beds.

Loving Lumo Stars


Interaction & Game Play

Lumo Stars have also launched an ‘app’ which can be downloaded onto tablets or phones. Children can then scan their plush toy tag, name their plush toy and take part in a variety of activities/ games. This app also includes a fact-file upon each character including specific names, birth dates, personal preferences and such-like.


Purchasing Information

Lumo Stars ‘Northern Brights’ plush toys are available to purchase online via Amazon, prices may range vary according to sizes (either 24cm, 15cm or 8.5cm).

Loving Lumo Stars


Our Final Thoughts

Having seen the way in which both of our children responded to these rather cute, cuddly critters I can say with absolute confidence that I can thoroughly recommend the Northern Brights Plush Collection. Not only are these plush toys cute and comforting but there’s something appealingly quirky about their appearance, our little ones certainly love their Lumo Stars!

For further information upon Lumo Stars and the Northern Brights Plush Collection visit www.lumostars.com

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Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are our own.


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