Rise And Shine With The Lumie Bodyclock

It was bad enough having to wake one child every School morning but now that E has also started School Paul we have two lazy lumps to get out of their pits and ready for the School run each day.

Now that Autumn has arrived we have less hours of daylight which isn’t so much of a problem unless of course you have kids like mine which rely upon the sunlight streaming through their curtains to wake them each morning.

Thankfully I have found a solution of sorts to this problem which has so far proved to be fairly effective in helping my son to wake feeling fresh and ready to rise. The Lumie Bodyclock is a refreshing way in which to wake up, it is said to be effective for healthy sleep, sports training, building energy at work and can also act as a useful alternative to a Lightbox for treating SAD (seasonal affective disorder).


Lumie Bodyclock

Lumie very kindly sent us a Bodyclock wake-up light (also dubbed as a dawn simulator) to review and to share on this here blog. Whilst I was originally planning to make use of this myself I decided to place the Bodyclock in my sons room as we often struggle to wake him in the mornings.

Rise And Shine With The Lumie Bodyclock

The Lumie Bodyclock gradually wakes you with an increasing natural light, this is a signal for your body to reduce the production of sleep hormones (melatonin) and to increase cortisol levels which helps you to get up and go. Wake-up lights also help to maintain a regular sleep cycle and are said to boost mood, energy and productivity levels throughout the day.

 The Lumie Bodyclock uses a sun ray effect to provide thirty minutes of sunrise to naturally aid waking, it can also provide a fading sunset effect to help you to wind down for a good nights sleep. The dimmable lighting can also be used as a bedside light and features a snooze option, an alarm beep and a power failure back-up system should you find yourself without power.


Putting The Lumie Bodyclock To The Test With Our Little Bed Bug

Waking our son J is much like poking a bear with a sore head, he isn’t willing to part with his pit for love nor money and so weren’t exactly expecting miracles from the Lumie Bodyclock. We began by setting the Lumie Bodyclock to begin the thirty minutes of waking sunrise effect for 7am in the hope that by 7.30am J would be fully awake and ready to rock and roll.

Throughout the time which we have been making use of the Lumie Bodyclock we have found J with his duvet cover strategically pulled over his head a fair few times but we also have found that over the past few weeks he seems to be waking in a far better mood and seems a little more prepared for the day ahead.

Rise And Shine With The Lumie Bodyclock

Whilst waking J will never be an easy task, the Lumie Bodyclock seems to have made an impact upon his waking routine. We have also been using relaxing Music and the Lumie Bodyclock sunset function to help him to wind down after a busy day which given that J struggles to find sleep due to ASD (he is on the autistic spectrum) has been hugely beneficial for us all.


Pricing & Purchasing Information

The Lumie Bodyclock Starter is priced at £59.95 and is available to purchase direct from the Lumie website.

Making Mornings Manageable

I am so grateful to Lumie for sending us the Bodyclock to review, I am sure that it will make a great difference to J’s sleep cycle throughout the dark Autumn and Winter months. It has already made an impact upon his mood each morning and I’m sure with the added ‘alarm beep’ J will find his morning routine a little easier in future.

For further information upon the Lumie Bodyclock or other Lumie products visit www.lumie.com

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I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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