Smiles, Sand and Surprises with LOL Surprise Pets

They may seem like over-expensive, glorified Kinder Eggs but the LOL Surprise series seems to have peaked in popularity with the YouTube generation.

Smiles, Sand and Surprises with LOL Surprise PetsWhen it comes to my daughters toys, I’d much rather spend my hard-earned money on something a little more substantial than flimsy figurines aka bin fodder, which I could essentially get in a Happy Meal should I fancy stuffing my face with salty, sugary rubbish for the pleasure of a free toy.

My daughter however, has a different view-point as she adores these plastic-fantastic figures. Our four-year old Princess cannot seem to get enough of the cutesy-crud which she has a vast collection of.

Smiles, Sand and Surprises with LOL Surprise Pets

LOL Surprise toys claim to contain a range of surprises, presented within a perfectly wrapped sphere, each layer of plastic reveals a special surprise. How special these prizes or surprises actually are I’ll leave for you to decide.

We were recently sent an LOL Surprise Pets ball to review and to share on this here blog. My daughter was delighted to receive such a gift and immediately set about opening each layer of the LOL Surprise Pets ball.

What’s Included?

Within the LOL Surprise Pets ball we found:

  • 2 x Sticker Sheets – I say ‘sheets’ but I technically mean small strips which contained approximately six stickers in total.
  • 1 x Collection Sheet from which children can point to further figures that they fancy collecting should their parents part with a further £9.99 for a flimsy figure sized no bigger than a cocktail sausage.
  • 1 x Plastic Dog Figure which in our case was a Superdog to be precise.
  • 2 x Accessories which in our case was a pair of glasses and a set of wings
  • 1 x Plastic Feeding Bottle
  • 1 x Plastic Ball with a clip-on handle in which to carry the contents of your LOL Surprise.
  • 1 x Box of Kinetic Sand


Opening/ Unboxing The LOL Surprise Pets Toy/s

E was over the moon to receive her LOL Surprise and was so desperate to open the surprises contained within said product that she even allowed her brother to help her in removing the rather awkward, plastic wrapping which was layered around the ball.

She was incredibly happy with all that the LOL Surprise Pets ball included and has since spent a large chunk of time sat playing with the kinetic sand, the figure and the accessories included. Who knew such a small and simple thing could entertain a child for so long?! Perhaps they may be worth their £9.99 price tag after all!

Anything which brings such a smile to my little ladies chops is certainly worth the money and therefore worth a decent review. For this reason I have included a video of both E & J opening the LOL Surprise Pets ball as said video demonstrates how delighted both J & E were with this product.


Are They Worth The Expense?

Full credit to LOL, they certainly seem to have kids figured out as this product kept our little lady busy for hours on end. I’m sure at the age of four, I too would have been impressed with such a thing, although thirty years down the line I’m a little more cynical when it comes to parting with my pennies (or should I say pounds?!) and far more practical when it comes to play.

This sounds like such a negative review but in reality my viewpoint is far different to my daughters. She takes great pleasure in unboxing/ opening toys and adores her LOL toys. Whilst I’m not entirely entranced by these toys, I am beginning to warm to the idea of these plastic-fantastic figures simply because they bring my little lady such joy.


Purchasing and Pricing Information

LOL Surprise Pet toys are currently retailing from £9.99 and can be purchased from a wide range of high-street and online stores including Argos, Amazon and Smyths.


Our Final Thoughts

Both my daughter and my son were rather awe-struck by the LOL Surprise Pets toy. Unwrapping and unboxing seems to be latest craze with kids and why not? Whilst the LOL Surprise Toys may not be of the highest quality nor have a price which I can justify, they certainly seem to bring a lot of joy to little ones and for that reason I would recommend this product.

For further information upon the LOL Series visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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