All Things That Glitter & Sparkle With The Lalaloopsy Jewels Glitter Makeover Playset

Whilst I’m all for non-gender stereotypes, our daughter E just so happens to be the stereotypical ‘girly girl’ whom adores everything pink, fluffy, glittery or sparkly. Don’t get me wrong, E will quite happily muck in and play with the boys toys especially if it means having the run of her brothers bedroom, which my husband and I well know is a recipe for disaster.

Should you ever leave our little lady to her own devices which is never advisable it wouldn’t be long before you’d find her covered from head to toe in some form of makeup, glitter or something equally as awkward to remove from her skin such as marker pens for example but I digress…

We were recently sent the ‘Lalaloopsy Jewel’s Glitter Makeover Playset‘ to review, this couldn’t have come at a better time as we have been desperately trying to find ways in which E can express her creative streak without plastering her face in whatever pens, crayons, colours or permanent marker pens that she may have to hand.

All Things That Glitter & Sparkle With The Lalaloopsy Jewels Glitter Makeover Playset

Given that our daughter is crazily creative and has a keen eye for fashion she was ecstatic to be handed a Lalaloopsy Doll on which to style her vast array of ideas.


Who/ What Is Lalaloopsy?

Lalaloopsy is an American brand (from MGA Entertainment) of plastic rag dolls. Originally released in 2010 as ‘Bitty Buttons’ the brand name switched to Lalaloopsy shortly after launching. Lalaloopsy dolls grew in popularity throughout 2010 following which a variety of dolls were released along with a range of video games. Lalaloopsy later made her debut on the big screen as TV series and specials began airing on Nickelodeon and Netflix from 2012 onwards.


Whats Included?

Included within the ‘Lalaloopsy Jewel’s Glitter Makeover Playset’ is:

  • 1 x Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles Doll
  • 1 x Tiara
  • 1 x Spray Bottle
  • 1 x Glitter Bottle
  • 1 x Heart Shaped Hair Chalk (purple)
  • 1 x Heart Shaped Hair Chalk (pink)
  • 1 x Hair Chalk Streaker
  • 2 x Hair Slides/ Clips
  • 1 x Glitter Hair/Blow Dryer
  • 1 x Hairbrush/ Combe

Suitable for children aged four years and over, this beautiful ‘button-eyed’ doll is the perfect creative outlet for littles ones to practice styling, streaking, colouring and experimenting with hair.


Sparkle & Style

Following removing the doll and its many accessories from the packaging E made a start upon combing Lalaloopsys hair, I have to say that the dolls hair seemed to feel rather soft in comparison with other dolls we’ve had. E found her hair fairly easy to comb and given that we are already accustomed to hair chalk in this household E knew precisely how to apply a range of colours to the doll.

Simply fill the water spray bottle (included) and dampen down the dolls hair or your own should you fancy a makeover as the hair chalk included can be used both on doll/ human hair! Once the hair is suitably damn begin applying the chalk by brushing downwards, you may require a couple of layers before the colour is defined.

All Things That Glitter & Sparkle With The Lalaloopsy Jewels Glitter Makeover Playset

Once the chalk had been applied we then filled the glitter dryer (also included) with glitter which I will be honest was a bit of a faff and for future reference I would suggest doing this either over a sink or over some newspaper as this stage of play can get fairly messy.

Whilst E adores all things that glitter she isn’t entirely keen on having glitter on her hands and for that reason we kept the ‘sparkle’ to a bare minimum. Having filled our glitter blow dryer E then applied a small amount of glitter to her Lalaloopsy doll and I have to say it did look rather splendid.

Interestingly the glitter dryer required absoloutly no batteries whatsoever which was a win-win as I was half expecting to find myself on a trip to the shops as I’m currently all out of AA’s. E then completed the look by adding some hair clips (also included) and an obligatory tiara.

Having styled her dolls hair E then asked for me to find our own hair chalk from which we got into even more mess as both the kids had their hair coloured and styled. At this point I left for work leaving my husband in charge, he obviously got into the mood for a makeover as hours later I was sent a rather fetching picture of my hubby sporting blue hair…

The entire point of us using a doll to carry out creative styling was to avoid the children painting themselves or others with makeup, hair dye or chalk for that matter. Yet somehow my daughter, son and husband all ended up being plastered with colour! E is certainly an artist in the making and whilst I may despair at the endless mess which she so loves to create I’m rather proud of her creative flair. I am sure it will take her far in the future as our crafty, creative little lady is full of stylish ideas all of which she is more than happy to share.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

The ‘Lalaloopsy Jewel’s Glitter Makeover Playset’ has a recommend retail price of £34.99 and is available from a wide range of high street and online retailers including Toys R Us, Argos and Amazon where it is currently on sale for only £28!


Our Final Thoughts

The ‘Lalaloopsy Jewel’s Glitter Makeover Playset’ is the perfect creative outlet for aspiring artists, hair stylists or want to be colourists.The doll itself is high quality and can be used time and time again as her hair may be washed or rinsed under the sink.

Our little lady adored this play set and despite making a whole heap of mess she had hours of fun which is all that mattered. I would certainly recommend the Lalaloopsy Jewel’s Glitter Makeover Playset to family, friends and readers should they too know a little one who is eager to experiment with colouring, streaking and styling hair.

Should you take a shine to ‘Lalaloopsy’ products you can find past reviews upon other Lalaloopsy dolls within the range here. Or for further information visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my daughters and my own.


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