Super Strategy Fun With ‘Hey That’s My Fish’

As you may have read in past posts, my family and I are big fans of board games. Each and every Sunday following a busy bar shift I return home to spend a few hours of quality time with my husband and children before we get ready for the week ahead. Whether it’s a movie, board games, painting or simply sitting together we make sure that we take the time to sit together, to enjoy each others company and to have fun as a family.

The Blogger Board Game Club

blogger board game clubWe were recently selected to become part of the ‘Blogger Board Game Club’, an online group which takes part in the reviewing and sharing of a range of games each and every month. I am really pleased to have been selected and am really looking forward to playing, featuring and reviewing different games all  whilst having great fun in the process with my family.


Hey That’s My Fish

This month we were sent ‘Hey That’s My Fish‘ to play, review and to share with you, my wonderful readers. Hey That’s My Fish is a strategy based game for 2-4 players ideally suited towards players aged eight years and over.

Super Strategy Fun With 'Hey That's My Fish'

Hey That’s My Fish was designed and produced by Fantasy Flight Games, a leading hobby game company based in Roseville, Minnesota. Fantasy Flight Games publish a massive array of board and card games including roleplaying games, living card games, miniatures games and digital games. Established in 1995, FFG (Fantasy Flight Games) has earned a reputation for innovative gameplay, immersive gaming experiences.

Included within the ‘Hey That’s My Fish’ game are:

  • 60 x Card Ice Pieces
    16  x Penguin Character Figures
    1 x Set of Rules

Super Strategy Fun With 'Hey That's My Fish'

Game Play

To begin with the ice pieces must be shuffled and then setup by connecting ice card pieces together. The top row should have eight pieces adjoined, the second row should have seven and the pattern should be continued to form the board.

Super Strategy Fun With 'Hey That's My Fish'

Once the board has been setup each player must select a piece of ice (featuring only one fish) to place their figure upon, each player will have a certain number of penguin figures dependent upon the total amount of players taking part within gameplay. Once each player has taken a turn in selecting where to place their penguin figures and all penguins are correctly placed upon the board play can begin.

Players can move their penguins for as many spaces as they wish either horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a straight line ensuring that they do not cross or jump other players. Once they have selected an ice piece to place their penguin upon they must then remove the ice piece from which they set off adding it to their collection.

Players will find that there are only so many moves that they are able to take before they become either blocked by other players or lacking ice. Once all their penguins are unable to move players must count the fish upon their collected ice pieces and the winner is the player with the most fish.

To put it simply the aim of the game is simply to grab all the fish you can before they ‘slip away’. Penguins must race across the rapidly dwindling ice to collect the most fish whilst blocking their rivals. Gameplay ranges in time and complexity but we found that most rounds took up to twenty minutes to complete dependent upon the number of players involved within gameplay.


Age Suitability

Despite the age guidelines, we felt that it was only right to give our three-years old daughter a chance at joining us in playing ‘Hey That’s My Fish’. Admittedly there were points of play which were slightly challenging for her but with a little time and parental patience she seemed to pick up how to play the game and enjoyed doing so.

Super Strategy Fun With 'Hey That's My Fish'

My eight-year old son J is a big fan of strategy games, he especially enjoys playing chess as it challenges his thinking much like ‘Hey That’s My Fish’, which is perhaps why he insisted upon playing this game at least six times before allowing me to pack it away for the evening.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

‘Hey That’s My Fish’ is available to purchase online through the Fantasy Flight Games website  for $12.95 which equates to £10.06.

Our Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this game, it is great fun to play as a family and although may be challenging for younger players is still accessible given a little time and patience. We all enjoyed playing ‘Hey That’s My Fish’ but J seemed to especially enjoy the strategy aspect of this game. It has become one of his firm favourites and due to the company, lightweight and small packaging we are planning to take this game with us on holiday as a form of entertainment whilst travelling.

For further information upon ‘Hey That’s My Fish‘ or other Fantasy Flight Games visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are our own.


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  1. July 10, 2017 / 3:52 pm

    I love to play board games with children, as anything which gets them away from a screen of one sort or another has to be good, I am not familiar with this one though, will have to buy and give it a go

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