Happy #UnBoxing Day With Num-Noms

We were recently asked to take part in the Num-Noms #UnboxingDay campaign which of course we agreed to and were then very kindly sent the latest packs from Series 3.1 and the all new Series 1 Lights edition Num-Noms to unwrap and review.

To make the whole experience a little more authentic I decided to send the Num-Noms Santa’s way to be wrapped and opened on the big day along with E’s other parcels. E was rather delighted upon opening her Num-Noms as you will see in the video below.


The Num-Noms UnBoxing Day Campaign

Whilst today has been ridiculously busy with it being Boxing Day (aka the almighty tidy up) we somehow managed to find the time to fit in a little filming to celebrate the #Unboxing Day campaign.


It was only when I began editing the video that I realised we had barely explained the concept of Num-Noms never mind what the packs included or such like as we were far too preoccupied by the mountains of packaging and endless play that proceeded to take place, that and dashing out for a dinner date with family.

What Are Num-Noms?

Num-Noms are cute, scented, collectible rubber figures based upon food and flavours.

“A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num-Noms. To create your own flavour fusion mix a Num and a Nom. It’s a recipe for mischief with so many wacky combos. The Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes! And, they smell so delicious!”

Num-Noms come in pairs, firstly you have a ‘num’ ( a hollow rubber shell ) which is then placed upon a ‘nom’, a solid toy which vibrates and moves around. The num-noms can be stacked upon each other to create a huge variety of aromas by combining the figures children can effectively create their very own recipes.


The Series 3 Lunch Box Num-Nom Pack

The Series 3 lunch box comes in well presented packaging featuring a spoon-shaped handle. If opened carefully this box may be used for future storage of your Bum-Noms. This set includes :
Happy #Unboxing Day With Num-Noms

What Was In Our Series 3 Lunch Box Pack?

There are a range of Series 3 lunch box sets, ours included all of the above along with a mystery box and a stamp and rubber num-nom which added even more interest to the toys.

Happy #Unboxing Day With Num-Noms


The Series 3.1 Num-Noms Blind ‘LipGloss’ Packs

We were also sent a series 3.1 mystery lip gloss pot which contained a nom (a two-tone lip gloss pot) and a num to stack.  E was rather pleased with this particular set as she has recently become rather taken by all things make-up related god help my Urban Decay collection! 
Happy #Unboxing Day With Num-Noms

The All New Series 1 Num-Nom Lights Blind Packs

The highlight of our unboxing session had to be opening and playing with the all new Num-Nom series 1 Lights figures. We were sent two boxes to review both of which seem to be firm favourites with my three-year old.

Happy #Unboxing Day With Num-Noms

The ‘num’ is glittery and transparent to allow the flashing light edition ‘nom’ to shine through. My bedroom was very quickly transformed into a Disco for the afternoon much to my daughters delight.

Prices & Where To Buy Num-Noms

Num-Noms are available for reasonable prices at a wide range of stores including Toys R Us, Amazon and Argos. The lowest prices I found whilst looking online for the packs included in this review were as follows:

  • The Series 3 Lunch Box Num-Nom Set is currently available from Toys R Us  for only £9.99, this is an exceptional price for this particular product!
  • The Series 3.1 Num-Noms Lip gloss Mystery packs are currently available from Argos for only £1.99 each!
  • The Series 1 Num-Noms Lights Mystery Packs are currently available from Amazon for only £3.99 each.
To Summarise

E and I have had great fun playing with the Num-Nom figures, it has been somewhat of a sensory delight. I am certain that the Num-Noms (along with her previous Num-Noms) will continue to provide hours of creative, sensory play for both of the children and no doubt us parents too!

Happy #Unboxing Day With Num-Noms

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are E’s and my own.




  1. December 27, 2016 / 8:02 pm

    Oh how cute, I’ve seen these around but wondered what they were… W would love them!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

  2. December 30, 2016 / 10:53 pm

    Great review Rachel loved the videos !. We didn’t get the light up ones so they are sending them out to us in January but Daisy loved the lunch box deluxe.

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