Bath Time Bliss With Good Bubble Bath Products

We have a whole heap of fun in this household but one of the best times during the day has to be ‘bath time’ as the children not only have fun but seem far more at ease as they are able to relax in the warm water.

It is usually at bath time that J will finally tell us all about his day, I’m not sure whether he saves it until then to spill the beans or whether by 8pm he’s had enough time to process the day and is finally able to share it with us. Either way, I very much enjoy the children’s bath time as they seem far more compliant and content whilst in the tub.

Since being a baby our daughter E has struggled with eczema and whilst we have experimented with using a range of creams to prevent her skin from becoming sore we’ve yet to find bath products which are as kind to her skin.

Back in September I attended the ‘Blog On’ conference in Manchester following which I was given a rather large goody bag filled with samples from businesses wishing to promote their products, one of which just so happened to go ‘Good Bubble‘ body wash.

After using this body wash on J I couldn’t help but to notice that his skin felt incredibly soft, not just that but he smelt divine! I decided to try the ‘Good Bubble’ body wash with E and found that for once her skin wasn’t effected whatsoever.

Good Bubble have since contacted me and very kindly sent a range of samples which I have made use of throughout bath time over the past week or so.


Who Are ‘Good Bubble’?

Launched back in April 2014, Good Bubble produce a wide range of products all of which feature a super fruit twist. Good Bubble are a family run English business that pride themselves in making natural and fun bath products which not only make you squeaky clean but smell delicious! Their gentle formulations are rich in nutrients, free from harsh chemicals and help to nourish the hair and skin. Not only are their products kind to our bodies promising ‘no tears and no nasties’ but they are also kind to the planet.

The Founder of Good Bubble appeared on Dragon’s Den (series 13 episode 6 should you fancy having a gander) and after being grilled by the dragons came away with a £60,000 investment from Deborah Mason.


Bath Time Bliss

We were sent the following products to put to the test with our kids:

  • Good Bubble Hair & Body Wash
  • Good Bubble Shampoo
  • Good Bubble Conditioner
  • Good Bubble Bath
  • Good Bubble Bath Time With Dexter Gift Set

Each of the above products smell equally divine and are all dermatologically tested, allergen-free, perfume free, contain no artificial colours and are registered with both the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

Bath Time Bliss With Good Bubble Bath Products

Good Bubble Hair & Body Wash

This dragon fruit hair and body wash is suitable for newborns and upwards. This award-winning formulation contains at least 98% naturally derived ingredients to help maintain the skins moisture and to nourish hair.

Good Bubble Shampoo

This super fruity shampoo is packed with moisturising dragon fruit extract to help nourish and clean children’s hair. Totally free from sulfates, parabens, silicone, PEG, phthalates, artificial colours and any other nasties this shampoo is suitable for newborns and above and has also been opthalmalogist tested for a kind-to-skin and tear-free bath time!

Good Bubble Conditioner

I’ve never yet found a conditioner which I have been able to use on E’s hair without finding that she has a kind of ‘cradle cap’ or sore skin following. This dragon fruit based conditioner is packed with 98% natural ingredients and seems to be ideal for E’s skin and hair.

Not only does E’s hair now feel thicker and fuller having used the ‘Good Bubble Conditioner’ but it seems far tamer to comb and dry following being washed.

All of above products are priced at £3.69 each and can be purchased directly through the Good Bubble Website Shop.


The Bigger Bottles

Good Bubble have a range of bath time products varying in scent, size and functionality. We were also sent a large bottle of Bubble Bath to put to the test and whilst we intended to use this with the children both Paul and I have sneaked a few squirts into our own tubs as we too love ‘Good Bubble’ bath products.


Bath Time Bliss With Good Bubble Bath Products

‘Good Bubble’ Bubble Bath

Priced at £3.99, the ‘Good Bubble’ Bubble Bath is made from real cloudberry extract and is once again suitable for newborns and above as it contains ‘no nasties’. I’ve used this bubble bath not only with the kids but also during my own bath time and I have to say it smells amazing! I adore this bubble bath and could quite happily sit and sniff it all day long.


Good Bubble Gift Sets

Bath Time Bliss With Good Bubble Bath Products

With Christmas just around the corner ‘Good Bubble’ have created a range of gift packs including this rather lovely ‘Bath Time With Dexter Gift Set’ which includes the ‘Good Bubble’ super bubbly bubble bath and a rather cute wash mitt. This set is priced at £8 and is also available direct through the Good Bubble Website Shop.

Should you fancy a browse through the bath time products available from ‘Good Bubble’ it’s well worth considering that free delivery is offered for orders over £15.



Soaking & Summarising

As I said above, bath time is one of my favourite points in the day especially when it is my own! Good Bubble products add a little luxury to ‘tub time’ without irritating or damaging skin. I cannot recommend these brilliant bath time products enough as both my children have noticed a significant difference in their skin since using the ‘Good Bubble’ range and I too have enjoyed taking a soak in fabulously fruity baths using these products.

For further information upon ‘Good Bubble’ bath products visit

  • Good Bubble Product Rating

Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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