Glimmies, It’s A Kind Of Magic!

The Magic Of Play

We all love to have a little bit of magic in our lives, this especially applies to children as they are yet to fully understand the World in which they live and the concepts of Science.

To actually witness magic in the making is somewhat of a thrill. I myself love to watch a good magic trick and since having children have learnt how to perform a few of my own tricks to stun and amaze my little ones.

As a child light can be a fairly magical concept, as we wake each morning the sun rises and as we settle down to sleep the sun sets making way for the moon to cast its subtle glow. Whilst as adults we realise the science behind our Earth’s daily spin, it is still fairly magical when you consider the bigger picture.

As we all know, children love to collect and to play with toys. There is a certain magic involved within play, children have vast amounts of imagination and creativity which put together can create limitless possibilities for their toys.

Perhaps your children believe that their toys come alive when unsupervised in a similar fashion to the much-loved Disney classic ‘Toy Story’, or maybe they are able to create fantastic fantasy lands where their toys take part in battles, rescue missions or even flights to space? The possibilities are only limited by the player’s imagination.


I was recently selected to be one of the lucky few to review a set of Glimmies. Glimmies are magical, glowing figures which have only recently been released in the UK.

Glimmies are little stair fairies sent by the moon to take care of ‘Glimmieswood’ forest animals. For this reason, Glimmies have a cute resemblance to forest animals and love endless adventures in the name of friendship whilst always respecting nature.

During the dark Glimmies magically light up the wood shining bright, creating a beautiful and magical light much like a firefly. Glimmies always shine bright at night and hide in the light, but when held cupped in the hand Glimmies will reveal their beautiful glowing and enchanting light.


Playing With The Glimmies

Upon opening our Glimmies package we found that we had been sent two figures which we identified as ‘Rakella and Batlinda’. Each figure has a switch on the back of its head and when switched on the figure will glow when placed into a dimly lit or darkened area.

At first we weren’t quite sure as to why the Glimmies weren’t glowing, it was only when we cupped the Glimmies in our hands that we were able to see the figures glowing. Once we realised how the Glimmies responded to light, it was then that the magic began!

E, our three-year old daughter found great delight in running around the house with her Glimmies finding hiding places where the Glimmies could glow. Much like a child with a torch, my daughter greatly enjoyed exploring darkened cupboards and spaces to bring her Glimmies, Rakella and Batlinda to life.

Glimmies, It's A Kind Of Magic!

Whilst watching E play with the figures I realised how magical these figures must have seemed from her point of view. She has continued to enjoy playing with her Glimmies throughout the week and even takes them to bed with her of an evening to watch them gently glowing as she drifts to sleep.


The Science Behind The Magic

Glimmies each have a photometric light sensor placed at the top of their head. The photometric light sensor detects and responds to the lack of light in a surrounding area enabling the Glimmie figure to glow.


Glimmies Packs & Figures

There are 23 Glimmies figures to collect in total, each one measuring 6cm in height. There are 16  Glimmies figures available across single and triple packs and 7 exclusive to playsets.

Glimmies are suitable for children ages three-years and over, arriving pre-filled with batteries which can be replaced if required.

Each Glimmie represents a forest animal with its own distinctive colour and facial expression, each Glimmie also has it’s very own ‘bio’ to personalise each individual figure.

Prices & Where To Purchase

Glimmies are currently priced at £3.99 per figure (per single pack) or £9.99 per tripe pack. Glimmies are available in a range of online and high street stores including Argos, Smyths and Amazon. For further information visit


To Summarise

E and I both really enjoyed playing with the Glimmies figures. They seemed to be a big hit with my little lady, she is utterly fascinated by her Glimmies figures which she believes are entirely magical.

As there are 23 Glimmies figures to collect, children can go on to create a magical World with the Glimmies, we will no doubt be adding to our collection as E seems rather taken by her newly found ‘bedtime buddies’.

I would certainly recommend these figures to friends, family and my readers. They are enchanting little toys which we will continue to collect.

For further information upon Glimmies visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are E’s and my own.



  1. Cat
    January 24, 2017 / 11:02 am

    We might have to go these a try. Squidge has recently developed a fear of the dark ‘My room is full of dark Mummy’. These may be a good solution xx

  2. Maggie
    August 2, 2017 / 3:57 pm

    Glimmer batteries are specialist batteries that cost 2.99 each and each glimmer takes three batteries a glimmer costs 5 pounds do you replace batteries or replace glimmers. A solar recharge would have been better

    • Lauren
      May 19, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      Which batteries do they take??

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