Perfect Personalised Pirate Birthday Accessories From Dom & Geri

It’s usually at this point in the year that I begin listing gift ideas for our sons birthday. It may be just over a month away but I already have a fairly good idea of what J is hoping for this year and have even made a start on purchasing one or two presents in preparation for the big day.


Pirates Ahoy!

J tends to go through phases of being utterly obsessed about one particular thing. Currently J is totally potty about pirates, rather than getting dressed into jeans and a tee-shirt after school he will often return downstairs wearing a pirate costume and carrying a sword of some sort.

We have watched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, we have listened to the soundtrack on repeat, we have collected piles of pirate paraphernalia all of which are neatly stored in J’s bedroom along with his vast collection of Lego most of which is currently built into pirate ships of all shapes and sizes.

No longer does J call himself by his own name, he now refers to himself as ‘Captain J Sparrow’ and will wander the corridors in a drunken manner waving his arms and pointing his fingers like Johnny Depp in full swing. I’m totally with him on the Johnny Depp thing, seriously that man is a legend and a fine-looking one for fifty-three years old at that!

Anyhow, getting back to the point, J is hoping for a list of pirate related presents along with a pirate party to celebrate his birthday in a months time. It certainly wasn’t difficult to establish a theme that’s for sure!


Dom & Geri

We were recently sent a range of personalised, pirate themed birthday accessories including a card, wrapping paper and a banner from ‘Dom And Geri‘ to make use of for J’s birthday and to share and to review with my readers.

Personalised Birthday Cards

Having sent Dom & Geri a picture of J they then used this to create a personalised birthday card ideal for my our soon-to-be eight-year old.

Whilst J has obviously not seen this card yet and won’t be seeing it until May I am certain that he will be absolutely over the moon with his card.

Perfect Personalised Pirate Birthday Accessories From Dom & Geri

Inside the card is a printed, personal message wishing J a Happy Birthday from his family, I am sure he will be delighted to receive this come May.

Available in either A4 or A5 size, Dom and Geri create a wide range of personalised cards suitable for a wide range of occasions including the pirate ship card (as featured above).


Personalised Wrapping Paper

Not only do Dom & Geri create cards but they also create a wide range of other accessories suitable for a wide range of occasions including personalised gift wrap. We were sent two sheets of matching personalised, pirate themed gift wrap which will be sure to use to wrap J’s gifts in once they arrive and then hide said gifts on top of the wardrobes as always. 

The gift wrap is printed on thick, shiny paper ideal for wrapping gifts without the worry of corners ripping. I can’t wait to see J’s face when he sees all his gifts neatly wrapped, covered in pictures of him as a pirate! I’ve never before come across personalised wrapping paper but will be absolutely certain to use Dom & Geri in the future to acquire further prints for other occasions.


Personalised Banners

To complete the pirate themed party accessories we were also sent a large, personalised, pirate themed banner which we take with us to the party venue to display.

Perfect Personalised Pirate Birthday Accessories From Dom & Geri

The quality of the print and the paper is fantastic, not only will be it used to display at the party but it can be something that J can keep or should I say treasure for the future.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

Dom & Geri have an amazing selection of bespoke cards, wrapping paper, banners and gifts suitable for a wide range of occasions.

Personalised cards range in size (either a4/a5 depending upon your personal requirements) retailing from £2.49 each.

Personalised wrapping paper is also available in either sheet or roll format in varying sizes and lengths retailing from £3.99 upwards.

Printed and personalised banners are available in three sizes (small, medium or large) and retail from £12.49.


It’s All Wrapped Up!

I’m not sure whose more excited about J’s upcoming birthday now, I cannot wait for him to see his banner, open his card and to see all his presents wrapped with his very own matching pirate pictures.

Dom & Geri certainly seem to have it all wrapped up in terms of gifts and stationary for occasions. I for one am hugely impressed by the quality of their products and will be sure to be using them for future celebrations.

For further information upon Dom & Geri and their wide of cards, gift wrap, banners and gifts visit

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Disclosure: I was sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. April 8, 2017 / 3:09 pm

    Oh wow these look wonderful! The banner is so cool! And yes I agree with Joshua – Jack Sparrow is the best! (Johnny Depp ain’t half bad either!!)

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