Transform Into A TV Favourite With The Doc McStuffins Dress Up And Accessories Set

Since we first had Sky Television installed my little lady has been a big fan of The Disney Channel, she particularly enjoys watching ‘Doc McStuffins’ which has remained a firm favourite for a number of years now.

As with all TV programmes these days there is of course a wide range of Doc McStuffins toys and merchandise available on the market. E was very kindly sent two of these sets to share and review which of course she was more than happy to do!

Disney’s very own Dolittle ‘Doc McStuffins’ is a fictional six-year old girl whom ‘fixes’ toys with a little help from her own stuffed animal friends Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly.

The DocMcStuffins Dress Up Set

Like most little girls, E loves to dress up especially if it is as one of her many television favourites. Over the years we have collected a whole range of fancy dress outfits and now have a rather large box filled to the brim with all sorts of costumes, all of which she greatly enjoys wearing and often refuses to take off when eating or going out on the school run. 

From the moment that we received The Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set, E was desperate to dress up as ‘The Doc’.

Upon opening this set we found the following items were included:

  • A Doc McStuffins Striped Vest (to be worn under the Doctors gown)
  • A Doc McStuffins Doctors Gown
  • A Stethoscope
  • A Doc McStuffins Sparkly Headband
  • A Doc McStuffins ID Badge with interchangeable inserts

Designed to fit children ages 3-6 years the Doc McStuffins vest and gown fit our little lady perfectly. E is finally getting the knack of dressing herself these days especially when it comes to fancy dress. However, the heart-shaped buttons proved a little awkward for her little fingers and I too found them tricky to fit through the button-holes but with a little patience we soon had E looking the part.

Once we had E dressed as The Doc with her ID badge and headband perfectly in place we of course had to play out a few ‘hospital scenes’. This of course entailed myself becoming a patient which I didn’t mind in the slightest as I finally had an excuse to lay down! 

E greatly enjoyed using her stethoscope included to listen for my heart beat whilst I laid back and enjoyed the time out. She really enjoyed using the set to get into the role of one of her much-loved TV favourites.

We have already had a few school runs dressed as the Doc which proves only one thing, this set it is certainly a hit with our little lady!


The DocMcStuffins Accessory Set

To add to the Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set we were also sent the ‘Doc McStuffins Accessories Set‘, Suitable for ages three-years and above, this set includes:

  • A Doc McStuffins Play Bandage
  • A Doc McStuffins Blood Pressure Cuff
  • A Doc McStuffins Syringe
  • A Doc McStuffins Otoscope
  • A Doc McStuffins Sticker Sheet


Put together with the dress up set, the accessories set enabled E to really get into the role of the Doc, practicing nurturing and caring for her own beloved toys in her very own ‘toy hospital’ or I like to call it her bedroom…

Transform Into A TV Favourite With The Doc McStuffins Dress Up And Accessories Set

Since receiving the set I have spent hours laid on the sofa, the bed and the floor whilst being inspected by my very own Doctor E. Thankfully the blood pressure cuff fits both children’s and adults wrists really well which is great as most children’s sets are difficult for parents to play along with due to size issues. Trust me, when the parent becomes the patient things need to fit!

Each of the accessories much like the dress up set are pink and sparkly which of course went down a treat with our little magpie. I personally found that the toys were fantastic quality in comparison to other Doctors sets we have had in the past.

Both E and I loved the Doc McStuffins Accessories Set. The only thing that we found it to lack was a Doctors bag/ carry box to keep the accessories within but otherwise it is ideal for any little budding Doc’s wishing to set up their very own mini hospital.

Prices & Purchasing Information

Available from Flair PLC, The Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set is ever so slightly steeply priced at £24.99 whereas the Doc McStuffins Accessories Set is available for only £9.99 which I feel is a very fair price for all that’s included.

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To Summarise

My Little Doctor seemed very happy with the two sets and particularly enjoyed using the Doc McStuffins Accessories Set to give not just her toys but also her Mother a good check up. The Doc McStuffins Dress Up & Accessories Sets are perfect for encouraging little ones to carry out role play whether it be with siblings, friends, plush toys or parents!

I was really impressed with the sizing and quality of both sets and would certainly recommend these to anyone with little ones dreaming of becoming or simply playing at being a Doctor. For further information upon the Doc McStuffins range visit

  • Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set Product Rating
  • Doc McStuffins Accessories Set Product Rating

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my daughters and my own.


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  1. February 23, 2017 / 7:16 pm

    My granddaughter’s love dressing up, as do most children, the youngest, has just bought a princess Jasmine, costume from Aladdin, with a voucher we sent for Christmas

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