Having A Dabble With Dobble

As a member of the ‘Blogger Board Game Club’ I have the opportunity to review and to share a board or card game each month. This month we were sent ‘Dobble‘, designed and produced by Asmodee Editions, a french publisher of board games, cards and role-playing games, Dobble is a fast paced observation game suitable for 2-8 players.

Having A Dabble With Dobble

Dobble features fifty-five circular shaped cards, each card is unique and contains eight different symbols varying in size and placement. There are fifty symbols featured within the deck and to make game play challenging each card only has only one picture in common with any other card in the deck.

Having A Dabble With Dobble

Players must race to match symbols and images between cards which isn’t easy considering that the images vary in size and orientation, game play is fast paced reliant upon a sharp eye and quick reflexes.


Game Play

This game is suitable for both children and adults alike as there is no specific strategy or prior knowledge required to take part within the game. Although it is suggested that Dobble is suited to children aged six years and over we found otherwise as our four-year old daughter very quickly became addicted and also rather skilled at the game.

Having A Dabble With Dobble

Dobble features five mini games:

  1. Fit The Well
  2. The Towering Inferno
  3. Hot Potato
  4. Catch Them All
  5. The Poisoned Gift

Whilst we played each version of the game we found them all very alike given that the main requirement of the game is to match images between cards.

Having A Dabble With Dobble

Both our children very much enjoyed playing Dobble, they first took the game along with them to their Grandparents where they apparently spent hours playing as both the children and my parents very quickly became addicted to gameplay.

Having A Dabble With Dobble

We’ve also played several rounds of Dobble over the half term at home and I’m obviously in need of a trip to Spec Savers as my children seem to beat me each and every time, either that or I’m just less observant these days!


Getting Double For Your Dobble

My children are yet to find themselves bored by Dobble, this got me thinking that it would be nice to see holiday themed Dobble decks such as Christmas, Easter & Halloween decks, whether this is something that already exists or could be an idea which Asmodee Editions or Esdevium Games may look into for the future I’m unsure.

I have since found that there are other editions of Dobble including a children’s deck, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Disney Cars and even a beach themed waterproof deck. However, I’d still like to see holiday themed decks should they be produced and will be sure to keep an eye out for future releases.


And On That Bombshell…

Due to the pocket-size tin and lightweight contents Dobble is the perfect game to be taken along on your travels although be warned, one of the images featured within the deck is a bomb. Let me assure you that whilst your children may be having all kinds of fun and games whilst screaming “bomb!” as they identify matching Dobble card images, this may not go down so well with those around you should you be in an airport, aircraft or using any other method of public transport for that matter. This may be something which Dobble may need to address and alter when designing future playing decks!

Having A Dabble With Dobble


Pricing and Purchasing Information

With a recommended retail price of £12.99, Dobble is available to purchase directly from a range of popular high street and online retailers including Argos, The Entertainer and Amazon. Whilst browsing online I have found that many retailers currently sell Dobble for £9.99, a much more reasonable price

Our Final Thoughts

Dobble seems to engage and excite my children for hours on end, the game itself is super simple to learn, to play and to master. The images featured within the deck are clear, cheery and bright and given that the game is perfectly handbag sized to take along with us whilst we are out and about I rate this game very highly and would definitely recommend it to family, friends and my readers.

For further information upon Dobble or other Asmodee Editions games visit www.esdeviumgames.com

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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