Double The Dobble Fun With Dobble Animals Edition

Being a Mum that likes to be prepared, I tend to keep a few things hidden in my handbag which will keep the kids happy or at least ‘entertained’ whilst out and about. Whilst I’d love to carry a clutch bag, over time I’ve come to accept that since having kids that will never be the case.

There would simply not be the room for the wipes, games, figures and fidget spinners that I find myself carrying around, never mind my phone, vape, makeup, comb or wallet! For that reason I adore compact card games which are small in size, lightweight and easy to carry – Dobble being my current favourite.

We’ve had the standard version of Dobble (a quick-paced, simple and super game for adults and children alike designed and produced by Asmodee) for a few months now. Ever since first receiving and reviewing the original Dobble game, I’ve always said that there should be further versions/ editions released. I wasn’t entirely sure whether other versions were available but lo and behold, this month the Bloggers Board Game Club sent us just that and we couldn’t be happier!


Dobble – Animals Edition

Both the kids and I have already enjoyed many rounds of animal edition Dobble. This is a game of speed observation which requires quick thinking and reflexes. The game itself is said to be suitable for children aged six years and over but my four-year old daughter would beg to differ as she too rather enjoys and is rather skilled at this game.

Double The Dobble Fun With Dobble Animals Edition

Rules/ Game Play

Whilst the basic rules of this game are based upon those of ‘Snap’, Dobble in fact features five games in one tin! Whatever the chosen game may be, players are to locate images/ animals quicker than their opponent in order to win.

With over fifty-five cards including fifty animals (8 animals featured per card) there is always a matching animal to be found between two cards. Up to eight children or adults can play one mini-game after the other battling over what is essentially ‘speedy snap’

Our children rather enjoyed playing ‘Dobble Animals Edition’ but they did find it slightly more challenging than the original game, as the images seem harder to identify and to match. I’m not sure whether it’s the clarity or the colouring of the images featured, but I too found it rather challenging in comparison to the original game.

Double The Dobble Fun With Dobble Animals Edition

That said, we enjoyed playing this game equally as much as the original and it’s already taken pride of place alongside my purse and all the other gubbins which I carry around in my mobile tip that many refer to as a ‘handbag’.


Pricing & Purchasing Information

Dobble (Animals Edition) is available to purchase at a recommended retail price of £12.99 from a wide range of high-street and online retailers including Zatu Games.


Our Final Thoughts

Both of our children seem to love playing Dobble, they were therefore rather ecstatic that a further version (Dobble Animal Edition) was available for them to play. This game seems to be super popular with my friends and family as the game is easy to understand and play and is great fun for all.

Dobble ‘Animals Edition’ is an extension to the original game which offers further fun and games for children and adults alike.

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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