Slick Skating With The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter

My husband and I have been into balance based sports such as skating, boarding, scooting and skiing since we were children. We would therefore like to encourage our little ones to follow in our footsteps and do so by taking the kids along to a local roller disco each week, where we spend time skating, scooting and generally raising our adrenalin levels whilst having fun as a family.

The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter recently sent us The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter for our nine-year old son to put to the test,l. Until now J had been using a three-wheeled scooter which he greatly enjoyed riding but had outgrown somewhat. The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter whereas is a two-wheeled stunt scooter which is ideal for any aspiring rider. As you can imagine this was a massive upgrade for our son and he was over the moon to be involved in reviewing such an impressive piece of kit!

Slick Skating With The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter

Postage, Packaging & Putting The Scooter Together

As expected, the scooter arrived perfectly packaged and already 95% built. It therefore took very little effort to put together and within minutes our son was able to ride his new scooter with ease. Featuring a chromoly steel bar and aluminium deck (with threadless headset and HIC compression), the Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter has all the mod-cons which you would expect from a pro-level scooter.

Riding With Style

J was more than impressed with the lightweight design of this scooter (it weighs only 3.5kg!), he finds it super easy to pick up and to carry his scooter about, that and he is actually able to fit his rather large feet upon the deck (measuring an impressive 4.5 inches in width and 19 inches in length) which provides super grippy support for sleek skating.

Slick Skating With The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter

Whilst J is fully aware that this is a stunt scooter, he is still building confidence when it comes to performing stunts, which I’m more than sure with time and practice he will master. Each time we take him along to the roller disco he seems to get quicker and a little cockier on his scooter, he has even dared to don the roller blades which we bought him a few months back and his balance is improving at light speed.

Pricing & Purchasing Information

The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter is available in a variety of colours including a glow in the dark option. However, we opted for satin grey. The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter has a recommended retail price of £99.95 and is currently available to order direct from for only £88.95!

Scooter Summary

Since receiving the Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter, J has a new-found love for scooting and is quite rightly incredibly proud of his new scooter. There will certainly be no stopping our son on his wheels from now on, that’s for sure!

Slick Skating With The Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter

I would thoroughly recommend the Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter to family, friends and to my readers. This stylish, sturdy and super pro-level scooter is an ideal scooter for budding riders which gained a massive thumbs up from our son J.

For further information upon the Crisp Blaster Stunt Scooter or the Crisp scooter range visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my sons and my own.


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