Gaming Like A Ninja With Cobra Paw

Part of our weekly weekend routine has always been to watch a movie or to play board games around the table as a family. I find this time together to sit and unwind before yet another busy week ahead does wonders for us all, that and it brings us together to have fun and games without any distractions. We did precisely this last night and what a lot of laughs we had!

Cobra Paw

We were recently sent the Cobra Paw game to rate and review as part of the Bloggers Board Game Club. Published by Bananagrams, Cobra Paw is a fast paced, action-packed game which requires excellent observational skills and quick reflexes.

Gaming Like A Ninja With Cobra Paw

Whats Included?

Cobra Paw is presented in a beautifully illustrated, hexagonal, medium-sized box which should players wish to take out and about to play is fairly light weight and easy to carry.

Gaming Like A Ninja With Cobra Paw

Included within the Cobra Paw game is:

  • 21 x Claw Fuku Stones
  • 2 x Cat Nippon Dice
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet

Suitable for 2-6 players ideally aged six years and over, Cobra Paw is requires fast thinking and ninja like reflexes in order to stand a chance of winning. Cobra Paw should ideally be played with adult supervision as players are required to move quickly which often results in snatching. Should I ever dare to leave my children unsupervised whilst playing this game, I am almost certain that it would end in tears.

For safety reasons due to small parts (which may be a choking hazard), Cobra Paw is unsuitable for children aged three-years and under.

Gaming Like A Ninja

After skimming through the instructions I set about playing this game with my nine-year old son J, we began by placing all of the twenty-one ‘fuku stones’ face up on the table. My son J then began the game by rolling the dice (which feature six unique symbols) and we raced to find the matching fuku stone.

The first player to find and to pickup the matching fuku stone will be the next player to roll the dice. They should be sure to place the two fuku stones collected aside but at a reachable distance for other players.

Players may grab matching fuku stones from the centre of the table or alternatively they can retrieve matching pairs from other players piles. The first player to have collected and held onto six matching sets of fuku stones is the winner and according to the instructions then bestows honour to the Grand Shidoshi, Master Meow.

As you can imagine this game edges on the border of brutal and at times can become slightly savage during the chaos of collecting tiles.

The game design reminded me slightly of ‘Quirkle’, it’s far quicker and far more fun than Quirkle though especially as there are no points to calculate.

Gaming Like A Ninja With Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw takes between five to fifteen minutes per round to play, my son and I played almost six rounds before eventually giving in for rest.

My children and I have since played this game countless times and we will no doubt continue to enjoy this game with family and friends in the near future.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

Produced by Bananagrams Games, Cobra Paw has a recommended retail price of £14.99 and is available to purchase within a wide range of high street and online stores including John Lewis and Amazon.


To Summarise

Similar to snap, Cobra Paw is a seriously addictive, fast-paced and ruthless game which both the children and us adults have really enjoyed playing over the past week or so.

I would certainly recommend Cobra Paw to family, friends and my readers as either a gift or an excellent addition to your household games collection. For further information upon the Cobra Paw game or other related products visit

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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